Hummingbird frenzy

Here's some clips of one of the busier hummingbird feeders that I have set out. I'm maintaining 12 feeders and going through 6-8 liters of sugar water a week. They rule me.

Harlow Swimming

Keeping cool in her little pool.

Some recent vintage purchases for me!

I've been shopping on ebay again! Below are a few cute dresses that I picked up for myself. Actually, the striped dress is a little snug in the bodice, so it might end up for sale on the website.

One of my favorite 1940s dresses - I guess it's time to stop wearing it

I've had this cute 1940s cotton day dress for about 8 or so years. It had some slight fade and a few tiny wear holes when I got it. But it's been a great dress to wear around the house in the Summer. Sadlly, I think that it's now time to fold it up and give it a nice resting place in one of my drawers. I've squeezed all of the life that I can out of it.

The small holes have all gradually gotten bigger and are about 1-2 inches in size now, on the front of the skirt and on the center of the fanny - plus it has some new holes from wash-n-wear. Laying on the floor next to Harlow while she chewed her chewy, she snagged her toe on the bust of the dress and made a 2 inch rip. The waist is ripped out, some holes started on the top of one sleeve, and last night when I took it off, the under arm entirely tore out. The fabric is just all tired out and tearing easily now.

Thank you cute old dress, you've had a good long life and I've enjoyed wearing you.