January 11th

I hope everyone made it through the holidays alright! I'm trying to get back to a regular work week after feeling kind of yucky last week. This week I am working on photographing and writing up a bunch of slips and nightgowns, along with some hankies and scarves too, for the next update. Then I plan on starting work on a box of Victorian to 1920s clothing for the following week. There are about 20 or more pieces which will be nice to add to that department. Included will be a few of the dresses shown in the previous blog post photos. They take a little longer to get ready, so I may not get through the whole lot at once.

Otherwise it has been pretty quiet back here in the woods. Watching the birds and the squirrels run wild raiding the feeders in the back yard. There's been a lone turkey that comes through the backyard to feed once in a while too.

Below are some photos that we took during the holidays to send to friends and relatives who haven't made it down to our house yet. First is the diningroom. Yes that is a baby buggy and doll setting in the diningroom.

Next is the entranceway with a great old piece. You see new copies of this type of cabinet in catalogs nowadays. The greenery is courtesy of our woods, and the doll is an old one of my mom's.

This is the diningroom looking into the livingroom. Love that corner cupboard. There are glass cases along the back wall of the livingroom with my mom's dolls. Some old, some that she made.

This is the entranceway coming in from the back door. It leads to the glass doors out to the screened porch. These are two great old pieces of furniture. On the right is a specimen cabinet that when you open it, it has about 75 tiny drawers in it. On the left is a large china cabinet that holds my mom's Christmas ball collection. The 3 birdhouses were Christmas gifts and they are just sitting there waiting for Spring to come so that they can be hung outside.