Halloween, Bulldogs & Hot Rods

Hey, it's almost time for Halloween already! It got very cold and Fall-like this week too, and the trees are all turning pretty colors. We don't get any trick-or-treaters out here in the woods. I don't blame them. Why trek up long driveways to one house when you can hit a whole bunch of houses for candy in a developement. In our old neighborhood, the kids didn't come to the door there either, because they were afraid of our dogs.

Can you believe that?

What's so scary about a sweet little bulldog? I snapped this picture of Boris the other day while I was taking photos of clothing. He was mad because I wasn't paying attention to him, so he jumped up on my bed and grabbed the tv remote. He has chewed up 4 or 5 remotes in the past. He gets really mad if you try to take it away from him. You can see by the look in his eyes that he isn't going to give it up very easily. We had to lure him downstairs to get him to forget about the remote. He has a scarf around his neck to try to keep him from scratching a rash that he has on the back of his neck. He's very tender and sensitive really.

Below is a picture of my Dad's 1932 Ford Hot Rod, taken at the local hang out for retired guys who like to stand around and talk about cars and parts and stuff.

The 10/30 update will have some purses, lightweight jackets and slips. Today I'm soaking a 1950s lace dress that is discolored from age and I'm getting ready to start photographing the items for the following update. In between vintage work, I'm working of a collection of old photos for the Strathmere website. It's 120 photos that I scanned last month and finally got edited today. Now I have to organize how I'm going to put them up on the site and hope that I have enough history notes written for each of the photos.


I'm not a folllower of current fashion trends. I don't read fashion magazines (unless they are pre-1960s) I don't pay attention to what celebrities are wearing (unless it is vintage, and by 'vintage' I mean something that is at least 25 years old, last season is not vintage) and I am not a fan of designer clothing. I've always been a big fan of clothing and I love to buy new clothing for myself. I just don't like to spend alot of money on it. No one could convince me that a $200 pair of jeans are made better or fit better than a pair of Route 66 Jeans from KMart for $16.99. If I have a $100 to spend on clothing, I want to come home with at least 5 items. I want to get the most for my money. I'm cheap that way.

I don't know how I first heard of or where I first saw a BCBG dress. Maybe it was in a magazine or on an entertainment show (yes, maybe on the back of a celebrity, I'm contradicting myself already) Or maybe I saw one just cruising around ebay. But I am hooked on the cute dresses and tops that they make. I don't know if BCBG is a person or a manufacturing company. It doesn't matter. So when I have some money to spend on clothing, I can be found bidding on BCBG on ebay. I don't have many pieces in my closet, because, like I said, I am cheap and I don't bid very high, so I usually get outbid. I have 2 dresses that fit really very nicely, 2 skirts and a pair of cute cropped pants that I just got for the Fall. Their dresses are really my favorites.

Now, if you are gonna buy BCBG online, the only place to buy it is from JT & Company -http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZjtandcompanyQQhtZ-1
They have many store items at Buy-It-Now prices and all of their auctions start at .95 cents with no reserve. JT appears to be a BCBG outlet and all of their clothing is unworn with tags. I've bought all of my items from them, and service was great, shipping was fast. I guess they have fed into my getting hooked on BCBG really, because I can buy items in my price range. I've never paid more than $30 for an item from them, and if I had to pay regular price, I wouldn't own any BCBG (I don't like the clothing THAT much) So check out their auctions at your own risk. Unfortunately the sizes appear to only go up to sz14.
Photos are courtesy of JT & Company.

(p.s. Don't bid against Myrna Loy)

Mermaid doll

Mermaid doll projectHi! I've been busy this week. I worked a few extra days at my part time job, spent some time drying out my car, and I've been busy getting the next update for the vintage goodies ready (dressy dresses, black dresses and old photos)
I'm also finally getting around to posting a photo of my mermaid gal that I made during my crazed Summer of sewing. I used some fabric that I had bought a few years ago - a pretty blue and silver ocean waves for the tail, old muslin for her body and a seaweed type print for her top. The hair is made from a fabric that just reminded me of hair. I cut it in strips and stitched it to her head. I made the pattern for her body myself, which turned out pretty good. Just a little oddly shaped head that was hidden by all of the hair. I love mermaids and I had been wanting to make a mermaid doll for awhile. I embroidered the face too.
Closer view of mermai d doll

The Gilmore Girls is back with a new season too. Another show that I yell at the tv through most of the episode. The actual Gilmore Girls bug the hell out of me anymore. I've had just about enough of the two of them, but I love everyone else on the show. They are both too self centered and pouty. Lorelei is so stupid for blowing things with Luke. Yeah, he should have told her sooner about April, but the guy was in shock. Does she really think things are going to suddenly work out with Christopher after 20 some years? And Rory with Logan. He's such a bore. I can't find anything to like about him. So less of the Gilmore Girls and MORE of Luke, Sooki, Lane & Zak and their band, Paris, Mr. & Mrs. Gilmore and the rest of the town!

OK, gotta wash my face, put on my pajamas and get ready for Doctor Who! (yeah, it's another exciting Friday night) Tomorrow I'll be making an apple cake for my Dad, who'll be 64 on Sunday.