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Book Give-away 'Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict'

This week I'm doing a give-away for a book that I recently read and enjoyed - 'Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict' by Laurie Viera Rigler
I wasn't asked to promote this book, it was one that I just bought on my own and decided to pass along.

It's the story of a modern gal named Courtney, she's got problems in her life and an obssession with Jane Austen books. She wakes up one day to find herself in the body of a girl named Jane Mansfield, living during the time of Jane Austen.
Luckily, because she has read Jane Austen books so obsessively, she knows how to behave in that society, for the most part. She has to deal with the limitations that women faced during that time (not being able to earn money, own property, travel alone and sometimes having to marry for financial comfort rather than for love) deal with a really nasty new mother who threatens to have her commited and is anxious to get her married-off, get by without knowing anything about Jane and the 2 men in her life, and thinking about the problems that she left behind in her own life - which she does not know how to get back to.
The book was fun to read and halfway through the book I felt that it was too short. Luckily the follow-up to the book - 'Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict' will be out in 2009.

If you are a Jane Austen fan you'll probably enjoy this book too.

If you'd like to sign up to win it, you can post a comment below or send me an email - dvintage@comcast.net
A winner will be chosen on 12/7.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey has been in the oven for a few hours and my Dad peeled the potatotes and sweet potatoes. So I'm set until it's time to do the gravy and sweet potatoes etc. I actually enjoy doing the turkey, because it's a big project where you need to be organized and I like that kinda thing. I think about it the night before, step-by-step, because I'm a dork like that. It's just me and my parents and Harlow and Boris at home, which is what I prefer rather than treking to someone else's house with a big crowd of people. Even though they are family too, I prefer to stick to my core, my home base. Quiet and casual.
I'm doing my regular work today, getting things ready for the next website update and getting packages ready to ship out tomorrow. No, I won't be going out on Black Friday. I'm doing most of my shopping online this year.
I bobbed my hair last night and I think that I like it. You know me and my hair. I want to grow it long but everytime it gets to my shoulders I end up cutting it. The brown dye from last month didn't hold very well for some reason, and I'm pretty much back to my natural color.
I'm off to measure the dresses that I'm working on for next week.

Vintage Sweater Set for me!

This weekend this super sweet 3pc sweater set came for me, I bought it on ebay. It's a heathery brown, soft not itchy, great fit. I wore the cardigan today over a silk blouse and wide legged pants. I also wore one of my new vintage barrettes, which made me very happy. Some Christmas presents that I ordered online arrived this weekend too. I have several things for my Mom, but still looking for stuff for Dad.

In disappointing news, Pushing Daisies was canceled. I looked forward to watching that show each week. Please have another network pick it up!

The winner of the vintage mermaid was Pam!
Currently reading - 'Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict' and I am enjoying it very much. I'm already thinking that the book is too short and I'm slowing down my reading to make it last longer!

Vintage Barrettes for me!

I just received a group of vintage barrettes that I bought on ebay (yes I was Christmas shopping for someone else and just happened to find these) $14 for 20-some barrettes (with shipping) Pretty good buy considering how much brand new barrettes cost.

There are a bunch of really nice ones in the group.

On the left here is a silver leaf barrette with marcasites in it.
Then a single hairpin with a dangling rhinestone - very pretty.
Enamel flowers and then one with rhinestone flowers, and a ponytail clip with rhinestones across the top.

Below are 3 larger hair clips including one with measurements carved in the top and one cut from a seashell.
On the top right is an expandable piece that goes at the bas of a ponytail or maybe on a bun. It has rhinestones.
Then there are 3 ponytail clips with faux pearls, rhinestones and plain gold

Then there are a bunch of barrettes, some singles, some pairs. One pair has glitter, one is curled copper and the pink, yellow and blue ones have rhinestones. The 4 white ones are plastic bows.

These are going to be fun! Looks like I'll be spending more time with my hair now.

Harlow's first taste of snow!

Some cute etsy purchases for me!

I know that I can't be the only one who ends up buying little stuff for herself when she is suppose to be Christmas shopping for others. Although I don't know how I ended up searching 'mermaid' on etsy, because no one I know would want anything mermaid for Christmas except for me!
Here are some cute little inexpensive goodies that I found and bought on etsy recently -

A small mermaid print zippered pouch from ArtByJess . I'll use this to keep my 'dope' in (by dope I mean aspirin, mints, feminine items, lozenges etc) I'll just keep everything little in it, and switch it from bag to bag with my wallet. Keeps everything together. It's much cuter than the bag I was using before which I think was some free Avon giveaway.

A vintage hummingbird pin from Reprise - to keep me company until my hummingbirds return to the woods next Spring.

Bulldog! Cute vintage pin from VintageTreasures4You

And a sweet Vintage Lovebirds necklace from purplemidnight - yeah, I'm not sure where that romantic notion came from. Just remember it was lovebirds that started all the trouble in The Birds.

I love vintage enamel top tables

I'm a big fan of fancy enamel top tables. You know about the kitchen set that I got for Christmas last year (I still haven't got all the chairs painted yet)

Here are two that I spotted locally recently.

I found this one currently for sale on ebay. It's in Jersey too.

This one recently ended without the reserve met. I like the fancy base.

This one was a bargain for $41 on ebay

Unsold on ebay

I wish that I had more kitchens!

Vintage Mermaid Give Away!

Very cute 5 inch long mermaid with black hair and blue eyes. I have no idea how old she is. I bought a group of them and I don't know anything about their background and when they were actually made. But I don't think it was made recently.
Handpainted and signed on the back 'Neola Jay' Her tail is a very cool pale green with green and gold specks. She is hollow and has a shiny glaze.

She is in excellent condition.

Post a comment below or Send an email to dvintage@comcast.net - to register to win this cutie.
A winner will be chosen on 11/21

My pretty new vintage coat

Remember when I was obssessed with This pale aqua coat last year?
It turned out to be some expensive designer coat.
But I loved the color. I've dreamt and longed for it often.
I found a pretty pale aqua vintage coat of my own!
I bought it on Etsy from inwiththeold.
Plus it was on sale for under $40!! Who needs a $3000 designer coat when you can get a great vintage one!
I wore it today and I really love it.

Vintage Styling Fun

I had a little fun playing with the vintage this week. I started with a blouse and a skirt from the website and put together several outfits, all items are available for purchase. It was fun, I think that I'll do it some more! I already have a pink and green theme picked out for the next group.

Check it out Here - with larger image and item details.

Etsy - Vintage Market Sale! November 8th & 9th

Vintage sellers on Etsy are having a special sale on November 8th & 9th. Not just vintage clothing, anything vintage including household items and other goodies.

On http://www.etsy.com/ - choose 'VINTAGE' from the drop down menu and search with the keyword VMS to find the sale item.

View ALL VMS items - here

Or go Shopping in all the shops listed below

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The Eclectic Diva
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Vintage Jewelry:
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Vintage Treasures Galore :
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Heidi Jo

The patient is home, poor baby

Harlow went in this morning to be spayed and to get a tummy tuck on her little hernia. It was a long, quiet day without her. But she's home now, as you can see!
She's supposed to wear the cone to keep her from trying to get at the stitches, but she is so stumpy that she can't reach around to get anywhere near them, so we've since taken the collar off.
She's still very groggy and she won't lay down on her belly. So she's kind of leaning over in the wolf den, trying to sleep sitting up. Boris was very worried, and good little nurse that he is, he came out several times to check on her, and sniff her all over.

Pretty woods, pretty Harlow

Another pretty Fall here in the woods. I took some snaps while I was taking Harlow out to do her business. She loves walking down the paths here, and going under the laurel bushes for a little privacy.
I was thinking that our front yard would be great for one of those Haunted Halloween Walks. Since our house is far off the road, down a dark wooded driveway, and our front yard is thick trees and bushes with paths running through them. But the township probably wouldn't permit it, there's probably all kinds of regulations. It's a fun idea though, zombies jumping out at people, someone digging a grave etc.

Photos - this tree is in the backyard and it has all yellow leaves right now. Bright and pretty.
Below are some mushrooms growing out of a railroad tie along the driveway.

Here are some orange berries and pretty leaves.

Hey pretty girl! Here's my little lady, who is getting so big, 40 pounds people! Still not catching on with the potty training, but she's still a good girl. She'll be 5 months old on 11/6