Gosh, I love this!

Browsing ebay while at the part time job -

I love boudoir dolls and this doll faced pillow is so perfect in everyway! Click to see auction. Wouldn't it be so sweet if all of my customers chipped in and bought her for me?

And what a great idea this is for a pretty decoration - decorative cakes made from chenille bedspreads! The seller has a few styles/colors available.

I love altered art and I love mermaids, so I thought this piece was really cool. The seller has a few Mermaid Altered Art pieces listed.

Blurry hummingbird video

I took video of our fighting hummingbirds, and I tried to upload a short clip. The clip looks really dotty though, so I don't know how well you're going to be able to see anything. How do people get long clips uploaded that are nice and clear? I had to cut my video down to 43 seconds.

The hummingbirds are alot of fun to watch this time of year. The babies have left their nests and are out claiming territory. They don't like to share and each one has it's favorite feeder that they hide nearby and watch, and they don't let any others near. They dive bomb at each other and chirp like mad. We saw one sitting on the window feeder and another one came right up and grabbed some feathers on the top of it's head! Hummingbirds are tough man.

It was good to be a girl in 1961

We came across a magazine called 'Teenagers Ingenue' from November 1961 while digging through old family papers and photos. Old mags are always fun to look at and this one had two items that made me laugh. The first was an add for Midol. Poor Sally is blue until Midol comes along, Oh, Thank goodness. Have you seen that commercial that says 'Have a happy period' ? Everytime I hear it, I want to punch my fist through the TV.

The other is 'Be Thankful You're a Girl!' Oh, to be a girl in 1961 - some examples - 'you don't have to be an athlete or a brain' - 'No one minds if you're illogical or even scatterbrained once in a while' - 'you don't have to carry heavy suitcases' - 'no one expects you to have a sense of direction' - 'there will always be a boy who says that you are his idea of heaven' - and 'you smell good' among many others. Click image to see larger view which should be readable.

Skirt Labels

I'm working on a bunch of skirts for next week's website update (23, all wool) I came across these two labels, which I really liked. The first is 'Suburban Walker' which I've seen before and have always liked the label. I think because of the 40s lady and the green car in the background. The next label I found in two skirts, 'The Inner Secret Skirt by Sportempos' - I like the dressform on the label and the writing that tries to promote the idea that they have a developed a secret to create a very special skirt AND it's custom contoured too. Their 'secret' is just a partial lining, as far as I can see. The embroidery on the label is a colorful red, green and purple. Fun labels are just another thing that I enjoy about vintage clothing.

Giveaway - 'Don't Make a Scene'

Here's another book giveaway! I was asked to do a giveaway to help promote the release of this book. Fresh from the printer, just released July 31st, the book is 'Don't Make a Scene' by Valerie Block who also wrote None of Your Business and Was it Something I Said?

The description of the book from Valerie's website -
As the director of a Greenwich Village revival cinema, and a single woman about to turn 40 who has watched everyone else move on, Diane Kurasik is reminded daily of how her life diverges from those of the stars of the silver screen. Vladimir Hurtado PadrĂ³n has troubles of his own: although he fled Cuba a decade earlier, he still can’t convince his estranged wife in Havana to grant him a divorce. When Diane meets and falls for Vladimir, she becomes acutely aware of how far things are veering from the script. Would Ingrid Bergman put up with this?
An eviction notice jolts Diane out of her home and her routine – aren’t all New York stories ultimately about real estate? As Diane shuttles between the couches of friends and family, dodging advice and criticism in equal measure, and touring many over-priced Manhattan apartment with tragic flaws, she asks herself: What would it take to be at home? Meanwhile, Vladimir refuses to succumb to nostalgia as he deals with the exile’s dilemma: What happens when you can’t go home? When an unexpected visitor from Vladimir’s past arrives on the scene and becomes captivated by Diane just as her ardor for Vladimir is cooling, Diane considers returning his affections, and wonders if her life has turned into the kind of absurd French movie she shows at her cinema.

If you'd like a chance to win this book, please post a comment below, or send me an email at carol@dandelionvintage.com - A winner will be chosen on 8/21. All are welcome to sign up, no mailing list to join, no purchase required, free shipping on the book including international!

****Updated 8/22 - We have a winner! Congratulations go to blog visitor Tara, for winning a copy of the book 'Don't Make a Scene' - Thanks to all who signed up here and by email. Keep a watch out for the next giveaway.

Altered Art Book #2 - Skeletons in the Closet

This is book #2 in the Altered Art Book round robin that I am currently part of. The book this month was 'Skeletons in the Closet' and the idea was to use vintage photos. So I used some of the photos that came with the clothing that I bought from the estate of Jessie Laurent Harper in May 2005. Jessie was a milliner in Harlem for many years and her clothing and hats was one of my favorite stock purchases (most items are sold by now) On the first page that folds out, I wrote what info I had about Jessie. Then there is a fold-out 3-page spread of photos of Jessie and friends, including a large group photo from one of the fashion shows that she worked in, and test shots for the advertising fan that she had made for her millinery business. I decorated the pages with some millinery tulle and flowers and ribbon. I actually used copies of the photos, because I couldn't part with the originals.
Click images for larger views

A little vintage stock purchase and a bit of a social commentary

This Wednesday I made a small stock purchase of about 120 pieces. More lingerie from the same source as before, some blouses and sweaters, purses, a few hats and some other little odds-n-ends.
There were some pretty 1960s printed blouses including an alphabet print Vera and a few silks. Also a few cottony Summer tops that I need to get washed right away and ready for the website before Summer passes us by. Click images for larger views.

The slips were fantastic as before, in some really great colors and pretty laces -

Plus there were a bunch of unworn bras and panties, many wrapped in it's own bag by the previous owner. Here's a peek at some of the panties including a closer view of the sheer black panties with fringe, because I know you want a closer look at them! The bras are also pretty colors and prints (no photo) all sz34A

This Monday's update is already done (Day dresses, tops, sweaters, slips) so you won't start to see anything from this fresh lot until the following website update. All that I kept for myself was a cute white sweater with embroidered bows. Good girl.

Nicole Richie gives Diane Sawyer an exclusive interview - what kind of a wacko world do we live in where this is important news? How has this girl achieved a level of fame where she gives an 'exclusive' interview to talk about being pregnant and irresponsible (and I don't mean getting pregnant is irresponsible, I mean her DUI and other various problems) She is a celebu-child, party girl disaster and yet she is being treated like someone who is important or interesting. She's not a world leader, or a living legend or on the level of intrigue that Jackie O or Princess Diana were to some people. She's not even someone who has anything vaguely interesting or entertaining to talk about.
Her exclusive story belongs on the Jerry Springer or Maury Povich shows. P.S., Diane Sawyer, your 'credibility' and 'integrity' as a 'serious journalist' has just dropped another several pegs with this story (but don't worry, you're still above Barbara Walters) Sure, the story of these girls and the stupid things that they do can be very entertaining. But entertaining in a 'Stupid Things That People Do' kind of story that you would see at the END of the news, not as the lead-in story on major networks news or on all the serious news channels.
I cannot believe that young girls/women actually admire this crowd of walking disasters. They have to be smarter than that, they cannot aspire to live lives like that. Forget about the partying, fame and riches. I'm talking about the celebu-tards' attitude towards other people and their seemingly overblown idea of their own importance in the world. Great hair and designer clothing does not mean you can be irresponsible and inconsiderate of other people. They really seem to believe that any publicity is good publicity - no matter how stupid it makes them look.
I think the problem with all of them is that no one has ever told them 'NO' They've been allowed to do whatever they want all their lives with apparently not much guidance or limitations. Plus some of these girls have been the cash cows, the golden ticket, for their parents to better their owns lives with. So no one is going to say no in that situation and risk cutting off their own cash flow.
It is kind of a shame. But we shouldn't have to suffer by being hit constantly with stories of their antics. It used to be that you only saw those stories on the entertainment shows - easy to change the channel. But when you tune in to the 'serious' news channels to maybe hear stories about what's going on in the rest of the world, and instead you get hit with this crap, it's just too much.

Gosh, I sound like an old fuddy-duddy. I think I'm worked up over it because it seems like you just cannot escape from these girls and I can't understand why the media thinks that people are so interested in hearing about them.