Vintage Shoe Buying Frenzy!

I've had some good luck finding vintage shoes lately. I have a small foot, but it's wide, and ladies all had some narrow feet back in the day.
Here are the 4 pairs that I've bought this month. The two brown pairs I just bought on etsy this morning, so I'm still crossing my fingers that those will fit. I'm happily wearing the bottom black pair right now. All came from etsy and all where $30 or less. There are good buys to be found! I'm still looking for a navy pair of shoes, simliar to these styles.

Some vintage for me (again) Purses, sweaters and a very pretty hatbox

This week I made a vintage stock purchase for the website of about 50 pieces. I ended up keeping some goodies for myself, because it is Christmas time and I've been a good girl this year. First, I kept 5 vintage purses for myself. Yes 5. But I really need these purses. I mean, navy, grey and brown are must-have colors. And you can always squeeze in a few neutral colors. You can never have too many purses.
There were about a dozen hats in the lot, all in their own boxes. I wasn't interested in keeping any hats for myself, but I had to keep this pretty box with ladies painted on it.

And I kept 5 sweaters for myself (I decided not to keep the sweater on the right side of the photo) plus there is a black cashmere sweater not shown. I wore the aqua cashmere today. I love the shade.

Finally here are some glimpes of what I wore one day last week. I just thought that I was so cool because I wore a Spring green skirt with black tights - like no one has ever done that before. And yes, I'll wear open shoes in the Winter if it isn't too cold, with opaque tights.
Not only do I sell it, I wear it - Vintage - skirt, rayon blouse, jacket, shoes and pin. Stockings are the only new thing. And yes, I need a lint brush.

Little Vintage Christmas Display

Watching our old home movies, I was reminded that my Mom used to set up Christmas decorations in our antique dry sink. So I decided to decorate it myself this year.
First out to the yard to cut some pine and Holly branches, then some fiberfil for snow. The Mr. & Mrs. Claus and the round chenille Santa in the front were made by my Mom about 25 years ago. All of the other decorations are vintage and from my Mom's Christmas collection.

And here is a random puppy fanny passing by -

Home movie snap shots Part 2

Here are some more screen grabs from the old homes movies that I had transfered to DVD.

Grandpop playing an old trumpet out in the yard. He was on his lunchbreak from the farm. Around 1961

This is my Dad's first car, in 1961. That's grandpop driving the car, with chains on the wheels, in the snow.

My Dad at graduation. He was in the first class to graduate from the brand new Deptford High School.
Class of 1961.

My parent's at their wedding shower, 1966

The wedding, 1966.
With my Mom's parents

Left - with my Dad's parents.
Right - My Mom with her mom and her grandmother

Our bassett puppy Rebel. 1967.

Below is me with my Dad and then with my Mom. About 1977. They used to collect antique bottles, which can see in the background.

Below is me (and one of my first of many, many attempts to grow out my bangs) and our Newfoundland puppy Bear. 1979.

The Annual 'Christmas Dog Torture'

It's that time of year again - time to force my squirmy pups to sit together long enough to get a photo of them for our Christmas card.  This is quite a hard task, because bulldogs are super silly, squirmy and stubborn. Plus my dad has a short temper when it comes to trying to get them to sit still. One of us tries to pose them, while the other does the photos, then we switch. The car-shaped antique baby stroller is my Mom's Christmas present this year. The doll is one of hers.

 Here, two spoiled and demanding super models try to shrug off the photo shoot.

Boris pulls a Diva act and storms off the photo shoot, is search of a bush to pee on.

Below, Boris storms off set again, approaching the photographer with his thoughts of how the photos should be done, and a request for some goodies.

"We're getting grumpy"

and finally, out of about 20 shots, we get one that passes as good enough for the card!