Leslie Hindman Vintage auction

Leslie Hindman Auctions are holding their 2nd vintage clothing auction and most of the catalog is online to view. Lots of designer stuff, many newer items, but a few nice pieces (including a 1960s green Trigere coat that I'd love for myself if I could get it for about $75!)

Check out the catalog here - http://www.lesliehindman.com/asp/search.asp?st=U

Vintage Hawaiian costume

Here is a quick look at this really cool vintage Hawaiian costume that came from a load of vintage that I am working on. It's still in it's original box. I think it's from the 1940s.

It's Monday morning and what is missing?
Yep, the update. I've got some dresses, purses and linens photographed and measured, I just never got around to editing the photos and writing up the descriptions! I don't know what I did all week either. I did prep a bunch of stuff for ebay auctions (a few were actually added to the website last Tuesday) plus I listed 29 Matchbox cars for a relative (under a different user name) so that took a little time here and there. I woke up with a headache 2 days, so those days were kind of pokey work days, and the weekend was spent on some household chores.
This morning I have to buzz to the post office, and then I'll start editing and typing that stuff. So I'll have them ready for the website tomorrow morning (unless I'm distracted in some way, already this morning I wasted some time looking out back at the wild turkeys in the yard. They haven't been around for about 2 months, so it was a big deal to see them again)

Bye for now, Carol

Tuesday Noon here, raining still, since last Thursday. Rain makes Boris sleepy, actually everything makes him sleepy!

Things feel like they are piling up here, I bought two loads of vintage within a month, and I've been working my way steadily through the stuff, but the racks and boxes just seem to be getting fuller and fuller. Things are selling slowly. It's been a very slow start to what should be a busy time for selling online. Things usually are slow at the beginning of each month, and then pick up mid-month. So here's to the middle of the month!

I put up a 2nd Featured Items page on the website which will feature some of the items that are slated to go up for auction on ebay. Here, my customers can get a chance to buy them before they go to ebay. That page will change (I've already pulled several item to put up on auction Monday night) as I remove and add items. I'll probably only remove items when I list on Sunday and Mondays, but I can add items to that page at anytime, once I get them typed up. I'm getting ready to type up some auction items this afternoon, and about 11 of those items with be added to the preview Featured page later today. Here's a peek at a few of the items -

And this is the Featured page that I'm talking about -

I'm just about fed up with my hair. I had been trying to grow it out, for several years now. But my face is kind of long and narrow and my hair gets to a certain length and I don't like it, so I cut it. Which is usually fine, but this time I just don't like it, it's just blah and flat. Maybe it's the rain making it that way.
I've also got to get out and buy some jeans. I used to be a sz4, but I've been gaing weight over the last 1-1/2 years, and last Winter I moved up to sz6, which was fine because I've always been too skinny. Then earlier this Spring I was slowly reaching sz8, which I am also fine with. So I went out and bought a few pairs of sz8 jeans. The the weather got warm and we started moving, so I bought several pairs of capris to get through the Summer. I lost weight while we were moving so I was in between sz6 and sz8. Now that I'm settled back into sitting most of the day and eating on time, I'm just about back up to sz8. Pulling out some cooler weather clothing, I realized that I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit me now! The sz6 stretch jeans are just too tight, I prefer the 8's which are a little looser. I've tried buying jeans online, but I'm so picky about the shade of denim and the leg width and the pockets on the behind. I just have to see the jeans in person. I think I'm going to trek down to Cape May Court House to do some shopping. The town where I use to live, Deptford, had a Mall and many stores nearby to shop at. Now where we live, the stores are further away. Kmart is about 30 minutes (I love their Route 66 jeans, they always fit me perfectly) and there's no Target around here (I love their t-shirts, a perfect blend of cotton and lycra) I think there is a Marshall's or TJ Maxx in CMCH, but I'm not very familiar with shopping in them. I do know that there is a hospital thrift shop across the street from the shopping center, so maybe a take a walk through there too.

OK, back to work now!
Bye for now, Carol
Hi Sunday morning!
Today is a working day for me and I'm off to an early start. I have to get my radio set up out here to see if I can listen to Breakfast with the Beatles while I work. Andre Gardiner out of Phillie does the best Beatles radio show. I have a hard time getting it in on the radio out here though, it's kind of static-y. I use to listen every Sunday morning, but I've only heard a little of the show here and there since we moved.
On Saturday I took Boris to the beach for a walk and a swim. He gets so excited that he makes himself a nervous wreak. We went for a nice walk and he did a little swimming. Then walking back to the house (this is gross) he had the poops and we had to keep stopping for him to go. It's because he is so excited to be at the shore, my fault maybe because I didn't take him over there this Summer. So he had poop running down his behind and I had to squirt him off with the hose when we got back to the house, yuck. Then we go in, I dry him off and give him some water. He drinks a bunch of water, and then turns around and throws it right back up, along with some dogfood that he ate earlier that morning. Yuck again. So then we came back home and he slept the rest of the day.
This morning I am working on typing up some ebay auctions for mid October. Here is a peek at a few of the older pieces that I will be listing -

Once I get this morning's lot written up (I write up everything ahead of time and then when I'm ready, I schedule the auctions) I'll start pulling the next lot this afternoon, which I think will include some fur pieces and a few coats. Monday's update for the website is ready and the next load that I'll be working on for the website will be some slips, bedjackets and sweaters (I think, but plans do change around here sometimes) I had the slips cleaned and ironed and ready to photograph, but then I decided to do a load for ebay instead, since it will be mid-October very soon, and I want to get a bunch of things listed during that time.

OK, I'm getting to work, see you later!