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Longtime Dandelion Vintage friend Jan, just sent me this fabulous dress, because she thought that I would like it. And yes, I do. It's a vivid chartreuse with pink flowers, and an Eastern flavor, which I love. Check out the sleeves! It will be a great dress to wear the the Shore this Summer. Thank you Jan!

I had spotted the shoes below on ebay, and since they were a little too small for me - but super awesome - I posted the link to the auction on my Facebook page. Jan saw the link and bought the shoes. Then she sent me the dress as a 'Thank you' for posting about the fab shoes.

Vote for Twila Jean at the Mad Men Casting Call!

Banana Republic is sponsoring a contest to win a walk-on on an episode of Mad Men. Please check the link below and cast your vote for a true vintage gal!
Vote for Twila Jean

And the winner is . . . .

The winner of the Divine Diva Giveaway is Sarsaparilla!
And Thank you to everyone who entered to win.

Post-Storm Hummingbird feeding frenzy

A heavy, windy storm just blew through here. After the wind stopped, the hummingbirds were in a frenzy at the feeders, even though there was a still a steady rain. Here you can 6 of the feeders that I have on our back deck.

The Divine Diva Vintage Giveaway!

Hey, it's about time for another giveaway, isn't it? This is a very good giveaway with 4 great items.

Anyone can enter to win, just post a comment below or send an email to
A winner will be chosen on July 26th, which is a Monday.

This drawing will include the book 'Bette & Joan The Divine Feud' - I just read this and I loved it! There is juicy gossip (Joan was kinda slutty) and catty, bitchy remarks on nearly every page of the book.

Also is a 1930s  small pillow cover made of dusty peach and teal silk matte satin petals. It has an opening in the back to slide in a 7-1/2 inch pillow.

Next is a dark pink crochet thingy, probably from the 1930s as well. The inside section is peach acetate and it is stuffed. I don't know if it was a pin cushion or what because it is meant to hang. It also reminds me of those things that you would see boudoir or kewpie dolls attached to, kind of lounging on the top.

Lastly is a very cool 1950s travel set. It's a soft clear plastic bag with a painted fan and rhinestones on the front. It snaps on the back. Inside are 3 containers with plastic faux pearl tops, and a brush and comb. Excellent, the items look like they were never used.

Everything Austen II Book review - Mr. Knightley's Diary

Mr. Knightley's Diary - by Amanda Grange.
The story of Emma, told from Mr. Knightley's perspective. I liked it, it was a good casual read. I've always been a little annoyed by Emma, with her know it all meddling and snobbery. But you see her with a bit more caring from Mr. Knightley's point of view in this book. He sees her faults, but he can brush them aside, get over his anger at her and still slowly realize that he is in love with her. You can see it as it happens throughout the book, but it takes him a awhile to realize his true feelings. Even though you already know the outcome of the story, it is still enjoyable getting to it.
Mr. Knightley in Emma always seemed more like a background charactor at times. He's not a stand out charactor like Mr. Darcy or Captain Wentworth and you don't really long to know more about him like Colonel Brandon. This book didn't add any interest to him either. He maintains his estate, goes on business trips, visits his brother and goes to see Emma. He's no deep, brooding mystery. But like I said, I did enjoy the book and it may have even made me like Emma herself a little more.
Amanda Grange has written several 'Diaries' - I read Mr. Darcy's, which I also enjoyed, and next on my list to read will be Captain Wentworth's Diary.

Everything Austen II

I found the perfect fairy dress. I'm ready to put it on and dance off into the woods . . .

This dress was part of a large vintage stock purchase that I made last week. I am madly in love with it. First, it's a pretty pale green - and you know that I love green. It's sheer creped silk over a silk lining. The shoulders and upper back are ivory silk lace. There is a group of ribbon flowers on the front and the back where the lace  matches up perfectly with the cutout lining. The narrow sleeves have wide lace bells on the ends and the skirt has a pretty floaty angled hemline.

Hidden on the underdress are more pretty ribbon flowers.


4th of July weekend and vintage laundry

I'm in Strathmere for the 4th of July weekend. But on Thursday I made a large purchase of vintage stock, with many things that need to be handwashed. So along with my own clothing and food, I packed a bag of laundry to bring with me for the weekend, which included several 1940-50s day dresses and Victorian/Edwardian whites.

Whites soaking in some Biz and a dash of bleach.
And below are the whites after hanging out to dry in the seashore sunshine. These are children's dresses.

Next I washed the day dresses and hung those out to dry too.

Then I took my morning walk on the beach. I saw this gal heading out to sea (I'm assuming that it was a gal because she was nicely accessorised)

And I added a few selections to my Pretty Stones Collection.
This afternoon I'll be doing some more soaking and hanging while I also do aome sunbathing.