Vintage bookcase, filled with everything except books!

 I've always wanted one of these old bookcases with the glass doors, but  they are usually priced high at local antique shops and estate sales. Finally I spotted one that was more in my price range, at the house clean-out that we went to last month.
We managed to get it into the truck with the cedar chest and boxes and bags of vintage clothing and linens that we cleaned out of the house. It sat in our garage for a while until I decided where to put it. I finally got it cleaned and set up today. It still needs a little oil to freshen the wood, but it's looking good.
I devoted each section to some of my favorite things - Kewpies, Oriental stuff and Fairy stuff. Pretty.

Vintage 1940s Home Perm (Torture) Kit

This week I was invited to go to a house clean-out. The property was a 1930s twin house, the woman's grandparents (married in 1913) had lived on one side, her parents (married in the 1940s) lived in the other. The grandparents died in the 1970s and her parents just basically closed off that side of the house, left the grandparent's items in there and just used that side for storage and part of it as an art studio. 
The woman's mother passed several years ago and the father just passed last year, so now she is having both sides cleaned out to sell the house.
We went through the grandparent's side which was mostly 1940-50s items, furniture, clothing, linens etc. Nothing really older than 1930s, which was probably when they moved in, and not much after 1960s. I got a nice load of clothing, dresses and lingerie, some linens and wedding photos from the 1940s. A lot of what I left behind was just all faded and moth eaten from having been neglected for so long. 
We just glanced through the parent's side of the house, the woman is still removing things that she wants. The decor is still 1950-60s, but the clothing looks 1980-90s, so I don't think I'll get much clothes-wise from there. 

From the grandparent's side, I found this cute little suitcase. It turns out that it is an old at-home perm kit, probably from the 1940s. Actually 2 sets of clips, spacers, rollers etc. squeezed into one case. 
I just though that it was pretty cool. 

There are even 3 partial bottles of old perm lotions in there. 

Sears Approved. 

Some of the lotions and booklets. 

It took all of the items below to do one curl/wave.
The 1st piece is felt and rubber with a slit in the middle that you pull the section of hair through down to your roots. 
Next is a metal and rubber spacer that you clip onto the hair at the roots.
Then you roll the hair in the paper onto the metal curler.
Then you clip the whole thing.
All of this would have been so heavy on each curl. 

Each wave/curl on your head would look like this - 

The Sears Booklet and the Ann Barton Booklet that came with each set of clips.

Yeah! May's Barkbox is here!

Yeah! May's Barkbox is here! Gus & Harlow are signed up for the Barkbox 6 month subscription which costs $19.00 per month, I had a discount code from their Facebook page so I received 10% off.

Each month we get a box with 4-5 goodies and fun stuff to play with, rip up and gobble up. This is our second month and it's a lot of fun, I'm as excited to open the box as they are.

Barkbox has plans from 1 month to 1 year.
Use this link to sign up and you'll receive $5.00 off -

Here are some poorly lit cellphone picks of Gus and Harlow with this month's box.

mmmmm, something smells yummy! 

Harlow grabbed the stuff squeaky toy, it's days are now numbered. 
No toy lasts very long when my dogs play with it 

Good stuff this month - a rubber Megalast Ball, Rozcoe the corduroy kitten by Loopies, Apple Cobbler treats by Snicky Snaks (those seem to be a big hit and they smell good) and No Grainers BBQ chicken jerky treats. Looking up the prices of the items online, the box value is at least $32.00

Yeah May Barkbox! 

Kind of creepy, naughty vintage Santas

We have a collection of vintage Christmas stuff that is out on display year round in the entrance way of our house. Lots of old fancy Christmas balls, some felt and celluloid Santas, pinecone elves and bottlebrush trees.
These 4 Santas sit on top of an old cabinet with some other Christmas items, peering down at you as you walk by. They always look like they are up to something naughty or creepy.

This side glancing Santa is looking to see if anyone is watching him do his evil deeds. 
Why is his face so red? Did someone catch him being naughty?

He knows if you've been naughty or nice, but what has he been up to?

This guy looks a little drunk. Or judgement. Why is he laughing at me?!

Oh no! You've caught Santa being naughty!

Auction preview of an old transportation collection at an aircraft hanger. And some life sized plaster horses. Cool stuff

Today we went to an auction preview at the NASW Aviation Museum in Rio Grande. The auction was being done by Bonhams and it was for the collection of Dr.Ralph W.E. Cox JR. who had a transportation museum in Cape May County in the 1950-60s. The museum closed around 1964 and Dr. Cox stored all of the vehicles and items from the museum on his property until his recent death.

The auction is being held in a hanger at the Cape May Airport, which also houses the Aviation Museum. It's a perfect place to hold an auction that features many cars, buses, firetrucks, cable cars and even some airplanes. Very, very cool place.

Very cool, 1927 - 16 passenger coach. The seats are wicker.

1926 Open top double decker bus

The star of the auction is this 1873 SILSBY ROTARY STEAM PUMPER

Sold separately are the 4 life sized plaster horses

These guys look pretty happy. 

Another star of the show was this 1904 FORD MODEL 'AC' 10HP FOUR SEATER REAR ENTRANCE TONNEAU
(I don't know that by heart, I just copied and pasted it from the auction website!) 

This is the Ford name plate on the back entrance. 

This is the whole car

Some other cars - 

You can't put too much junk in this little trunk - 

A fancy 1900s Barouche

A 1934 Ford Phaeton 

Two cool old big wheel bikes - I love the how this photo turned out, looks like a professional took it!

A 1900s coin operated MutoScope

An assortment of player pianos, organs and nickelodeons 

This one plays a violin

I liked this big old car because it's green.

This was part of the museum's regular display, but it was closed off because of the auction. They had a large collection of vintage coca cola, and 1930-40s era rooms set up

From the kitchen display, I love the green stove and the enamel table! Wish I could have seen them better.

Some outside stuff - some of the cars were in pretty rough condition - 

This was a huge old 1920s firetruck with fancy paint 

Here are some of the planes. I think that these all belonged to the museum, but there were a few planes and plane engines that were part of the auction. There was even supposed to be a train, but that was pulled from the auction.