Baby boy bulldog coming to us on November 26th!

Yeah, finally! We'll be getting our new bulldog puppy on the 26th. It's been almost 6 months since Boris died, I can't believe it and I miss him so much. It's so unfair that dogs don't live long, long lives with us.
I'm very happy at the idea of having a boy back in the house and I can't wait to see how Harlow reacts to him! She's very Alpha dog and bossy. She'll be glad to have someone to boss again and hopefully she didn't get too spoiled being an only child for a few months.

Here are pictures that the breeder has sent us, she's the same gal that we bought Boris and Harlow from.

Above, baby boy at 1 week old.

Below, he's about 3 weeks old. That's his brother behind him.

Above at 3 weeks old.

Below at 6 weeks old. What a show dog! He won't be shown though, he'll have a leisurely life sleeping on the couch and walking on the beach. Look at that tum-tum!

Many more pictures to come once he arrives!