A new Swirl Dress for me, in a slightly different style

We all love a classic vintage Swirl dress, and this week I added another to my wardrobe. It's a very cool black print on dark vivid turquoise with small white flower buds. 
This one is a little different style from my others. It still has the single Swirl button on the back of the neck and it wraps on the back as usual. But this one ties on each side to a set of ties that are attached on the front instead of wrapping and tying to itself. 
This one also has a v-neck with a collar trimmed in solid piping and piping right under the bust, which also makes it different from my other Swirls. 

Love it! Washed and ready to wear this Sunday, I already have a pair of stockings that are nearly the same turquoise as the dress. 

I love that it's a dark color, because most of my Swirls are kind of Summer-y colors and I don't get to wear them much in cold weather.