Hey, Fun Ghoul!

My Dad bought a car this week.
Well, at least someday it will be a car. It's basically the bottom frame and the shell of a cab. It should be a 1932 Ford 5 Window. No interiors, no motor (he has a motor to put in it though) He's going to restore it and make it a Hot Rod.
Right now it's painted in a primor coat. The guy that he bought it from details cars, and he painted this little skull on each side of the car (yeah, no motor, but it had a logo!)
Fun Ghoul.
Fun Ghoul.
My Dad didn't think anyone would get what it meant, he didn't catch on at first. But I got it right off, and so did some friends that I told the story too. So yesterday he took some sandpaper and sanded off the 'Fun'

He is the Fun Ghoul before he was edited!

Some recent Vintage etsy purchases for me

I recently did some complaining about a few bad buying experiences on etsy. I just get ticked off when I feel like someone selling vintage doesn't care about vintage or their customers.

But instead of dwelling on the negative, I'm going to focus on a few super awesome pieces that I bought on etsy, all of which I was very delighted with - product and service. Plus I am always happy to help promote good sellers.
So, be jealous of my purchases and then go check out these sellers.

* The sweater is not really red, not really burgundy, but is a great color for Fall and I love the knit design. I bought it from http://www.sydg.etsy.com/ - Vintage on My Mind by sydg

* An awesome rayon print blouse in navy, purple, orchid and yellow with glass buttons. Bought from Hand Me Down Treasures http://www.handmedown.etsy.com/

*The boots are a little higher than what I usually wear, but I'll get use to them! I love the buckles on the tops. The boots came from Learn to Read Vintage - http://www.learntoread.etsy.com/

*I love those 1940s sewing bags/purses. This one in a rich burgundy-ish floral came from TheModShop - http://www.themodshop.etsy.com/

*A pale yellow sheer striped sleeveless blouse - you will recognize the delightful denisebrain modeling the blouse - http://www.denisebrain.etsy.com/

I have to find this cute Mad Men blouse before next Summer!

I'm watching Season 1 of Mad Men, and I spotted this sweet blouse in the episode where Betty and the kids go to Cape May (yeah Jersey Shore!)

Blue, buttons down the back, with seahorses and fish - but it's the seahorses that got my attention - looks like they are embroidered.

Must have it!

A little non-vintage shopping for myself

Been thinking about Fall again, and what I'll be wearing, and doing a little shopping online.
First I bought the stockings above from Sock Dreams - http://www.sockdreams.com/
The 3rd pair I actually bought in ivory not black, and I also got a $5 clearance pair of burgundy over the knees that they must have sold out of, because I can no longer find them online.

I. Love. Them.
While I want warm weather to linger, I look forward to chilly days when I can wear these, they're very cool and feel very comfortable. There are so many great styles on their website, fun and funky, all different styles and lengths. Out of 20 or so pairs that I loved, I had a hard time narrowing them down to 5 pair. Free shipping too!

I also bought the above blouses.
Non-vintage blouses.
I know - traitor! blasphemy!
But it's hard to find cute vintage blouses at a reasonable price. $20 is about my limit for a blouse, and these were all under that. I won't tell you where I bought them because then you might really be disappointed in me.
I love the plaid blouse, the colors are so pretty. I wore it already to the beach barbeque.
They're all lightweight blouses, but they'll be perfect under sweaters and jackets.

1960s Starlet Fran Richards - Photos and funny story

A few months back I bought a large group of promotional photos of 1960s Fran (sometimes Fanny) Richards. They came from a North Jersey home, which is where she was from. I don't know if it was her home, because I bought the photos from someone else. So far I haven't been able to find out much about her other than what was with the photos.

One of her head shots has some of her credentials on the back. She was an aspiring model and actress who appeared in commercials for Ivory, Cannon and Dristan.
She had parts in theatre shows and musical revues, she appeared on the long-gone Soap 'Love of Life' (where Christopher Reeve got his start)
She was an extra in 'Butterfield 8' - 'Splendor in the Grass' and 'Bells are Ringing'
She studied at Quintanos' School for Young Professionals, NYU and the International Dance School. She studied drama and voice and she studied musical comedy with Charles Nelson Reilly!
Below-left are the credits on the back of one of her head shots. To the right is a photo of her that appeared on the cover of a Steve Allen LP.
Steve Allen & Charles Nelson Reilly!

Below are some of her promotional photos, there were about 40 in the lot, there were my favorites - that 'stuffed' horse is really cool looking.

Also in the group were two newspaper clippings. The first was a story that was published in June 1960, when she was an extra in 'Butterfield 8'.
According to the story, the casting director asked if any of the extras had a late model car that they could bring to the set for a scene. Fran said that she had a 1959 car and that she could bring it in. They told her they'd pay for her gas, and told her to wear a heavy cost, because the scene they were filming was set in Winter.
So Fran shows up the next day in a 1959 Cadillac Convertible, wearing a full length chinchilla fur coat, a $10,000. diamond ring and a diamond bracelet. The story claims that even Liz Taylor was impressed.

The story goes on to say that the 18 year old model/actress received all the goodies, along with other furs and jewelry, as gifts from her fiance. The fiance is from Peru and he is in the import/export business. She says that she 'thinks' he is in his early 40s.

In another clipping, dated February 1968, in a story about divorce, Fran is mentioned along with her 66 year old husband Ralph Jimenez. I assume it's the same guy that she was engaged to in 1960, but it could be another rich guy. It quotes Mr. Jemenez's lawyer as saying his client is 'financially incapable' of paying $200 per week alimony to poor Fran. The story includes the photos of her below, now aged 26.

So, I wonder what happened to Fran. She didn't become a big star, I can't find anything online about her. Did she get that alimony? Did she marry more rich men? Did she have to give back the car, the furs and diamonds?

End of Summer Barbeque

Harlow and I were invited to an 'End of Summer Dog Friendly Barbeque on the Beach' last night. Boris was invited too, but because he gets so excited and out of control, I thought it would be better to just take Harlow. It would be too much excitement for Boris at his age. It was a small cookout, just 9 people and 4 dogs. I don't usually go to social gathers, but I couldn't resist doggies on the beach.

Harlow had so much fun playing with Maddie, Winston and Tallie. The Retrievers are used to swimming, but Harlow wasn't afraid, she jumped right in, knew she could only go out so far and kept within her safe limits. She had so much fun watching the other dogs get the floaties and balls out of the water and she tried to get them too.
At one point the flies were really bad and I thought I'd have to take her home. But then the breeze changed and the flies were gone. The food was very good and Harlow was surprisingly well behaved while we all ate outside. By the end of the night she was fall over from being so tired, and was asleep in the car on the way home.

Two very short videos -

7 Favorite Blogs and 7 things that I love

I recently received the 'Kreativ Blogger' award from Jaynie over at the fabulous Here's Looking Like You Kid - Now I have to pass the award onto 7 of my Favorite blogs and then tell you 7 things that I love.

In no order -
Jane Austen Today - for all things Jane Austen, who I have been especially obsessed with reading this Summer
Fashion For Nerds - I always enjoy looking at this gal's outfits. She's a real gal, like someone I would know, or see around town (if I ever left my house) She's NOT one of those girls that you see everywhere online now - spindley legged, pigeon toed waifs with strangley hair and a vacant look who would probably laugh at me behind my back for wanting to dress cool.
She has a great eye for color and pattern combinations.

Glamour Splash - Because I love vintage swimsuits and I am eternally jealous of her fabulous swimsuit stock on her website.
Sew Retro Blog - This blog is a multi-poster blog where people show off their sewing projects that use either vintage patterns or vintage fabrics. Everytime I check it out I think 'damn, I gotta get some sewing done'
Starlet Showcase - I love looking at Vintage Hollywood photos
It'll Take The Snap Out of Your Garters - more great vintage photos, and vintage lifestyle and she knows about Jersey.

Vintage Bulletin - Let me whore my own little vintage promotion project, but no really, I'd enjoy the blog anyway. I started this co-op blog the 'Vintage Bulletin' for vintage sellers and collectors to show off their stuff. Many people didn't have their own blogs, or many where looking for easy ways to promote what they were selling, or wanted to share information they thought would be interesting to pass onto vintage clothing lovers. There are over 60 registered posters on the blog and I enjoy checking out what everyone has to share, all in one nice spot.

OK, now the 7 things that I love, in no order.
Strathmere NJ - The best place in the World for me. An old fashioned, quiet, seashore town. My future retirement home, if I can afford it.
English Bulldogs - we've had 3 of them - Ms. Fatty (I miss her so much) Boris and Harlow. They are sweet, goofy and funny little beings. I love all dogs really. I prefer dogs over children. Someone comes by with a baby - ehh, baby. But come by with a doggie and then I'm interested!

Vintage/Antiques - I grew up around them, about 80% of the furniture and things in our house are old. I love collecting things. I don't like minimalism, or sleek modern things. I like antiques and layers of clutter. But not dirty clutter.
Green - it's my favorite color, I like all things green. I'm a big fan of green kitchenware like Depression Glass and Jadite. I love green fabrics and clothing, housewares etc.

Mustangs - my favorite car. It was my first car and I drive one now, and my next car will be a Mustang too. Because of my Dad I like old cars too, 1930s Fords, real Hot Rods.

Boudoir Dolls and pretty lady things - like half dolls, vintage linens with embroidered ladies, pictures, paintings etc. Oh, also vintage mermaids, but I'm kind of picky about the ones that I like. I also like Rose O'Neill Kewpies.

Old Hollywood, especially the 1930-40s. Myrna Loy, Cary Grant, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, James Stewart, William Powell, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn etc. I don't see modern movies, I haven't been in a movie theater for 25 years (why pay when they'll show it on tv for free someday?) I just prefer the actors of yesteryear, they had more talent, true charisma and style.

I want it! Very cool Vintage Diving Swimsuit Mannequin

She is so awesome. I've never seen anything like her. Currently On auction at Ebay - with a starting bid of $1500.00

She actually should go on a stand, hands down, feet straight up in the air like a real dive. This was how she was displayed when the current sellers bought her.

How much to ship the horse?

Saw this posted on Twitter. I love the photo! The seller is Chandi Designs - selling chandeliers that are very pretty. The horsey, who is obviously into Shabby Chic Decor, seems to approve of this one.