The Annual Christmas Dog Torture - Merry Christmas!

This year we had a 9 week old puppy to wrangle into the Christmas card photos. Turns out, he was the good dog and Harlow was the wiggley, stubborn one. Here are some outtakes.

And the official Christmas card . . .

Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree . . .

Here is our little Christmas tree. I ordered it online 5-6 years ago, made by Ditz, it has a teddy bear standing behind it (hard to see in my dark photos) My Dad decorates the tree every year with antique ornaments and beaded garland.

Here's the teddy bear

Welcome baby Gus!

Catching a snooze on the way home.

Meeting Big Sister Harlow for the first time.

Stealing one of Harlow's toy. Surpisingly she doesn't seem to mind, she's usually very possessive of her toys.

Sleeping on my bed the first night home.

Cute feets.

Trying to get comfy.

In the yard.

Cool pup hiding under my bed.