I'm proud to be A Vintage Purse Addict

You can never have too many vintage purses!
I'll admit that vintage purses are my weakness. I have them all hanging on the wall in my dressingroom so that I can see the whole pretty collection and so that I'll use them. If I keep them in a closet or box or something where I can't see the variety, I'll end up just carrying the same purse all the time. I'm that way with shoes too, I need to see them all.
I've built up this collection over the past 20 years of collecting and wearing vintage. Once in a while I'll go through and purge/sell ones that I don't use, a few I hang onto because they are just very cool, even though I don't use them.
It's a lot of purses, but I don't have a lot of money invested in them, because I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying for myself. $25 is the maximum that I would pay for a vintage purse, and it would have to be super-fabu-tastic for me to pay that much. I think that there are only 1 or 2 here that I've paid close to that for, and that's because the cost would have included shipping. Most of the purse came from stock purchases.
Even if I'm just in jeans, sneakers and a tee, I'm always carrying a vintage purse. It's really the easiest vintage item to add to your everyday wardrobe.

2 pieces of vintage jewelry from Dandelion Vintage spotted on Pan Am

I spotted 2 pieces of vintage jewelry from Dandelion Vintage in last night's episode of Pan Am - "One Coin in a Fountain" episode 5.
First, a guest actress wears a dress clip in her hair. She's wearing leopard, so she must be a troublemaking vixen. Looks like she'll be back for more trouble in next week's episode.

Next, one of the lead actresses wears another pin that I sold to the costumers, on her sweater. This scene appears at the end of the episode. Cool.

A vintage outfit from Dandelion Vintage on the new show Pan Am

In August I sold 40+ pieces of clothing, lingerie and jewelry to the costumers for the new ABC show Pan Am. I thought it would be later in the season before I spotted any of my clothing, but in episode 2, you can catch a very quick glimpse of a red cotton halter top and skirt from my website http://www.dandelionvintage.com/

Above are two screne grabs of the scene - the co-pilot takes a gal back to his Paris hotel room - and also a photo of the outfit from my website.

Very exciting! I'm looking forward to spotting more of my pieces. Pan Am airs on ABC Sunday nights.