Boris photos

My sweet old Boris died in his sleep last night. If you know me or if you've been following my blog, you know Boris and how much he meant to me. We had over 10 great years with him and he will be missed so very much. I'm thankful that he died peacefully in his sleep, curled up on his cush. The past week he had slowed down a lot, but didn't appear to be suffering.

Here are some photos of Boris, in random order because I was too lazy to organize them in any way.

Boris in front of the house in Strathmere in May of this year.

Such a rough life.

A tush makes a very good cush.

Boris playing with Harlow when she was a pup. Harlow was rough from the start and after awhile she was too rough for Boris to play with!

Boris on the beach in Strathmere.

Boris is protesting having his photo taken and Harlow is looking at snowflakes.
Look at that face!

Trying to ecscape from the 'Annual Christmas Dog Torture' - which is when we try to get a photo of the dogs for our Christmas card.

Driving to Strathmere. The Big Dog has to stand on the center console so that he can get a good view of everything while we drive.

Boris at 6 weeks old. This is the first time that we saw him. We picked him out as ours at the breeders, but we had to wait 2 more weeks before we could bring him home. On the way home, he chewed the buttons on my jacket and peed on my lap. Good memories.

Swimming in Strathmere, about 2005

 In Strathmere with Harlow, 2008

Sleeping in Harlow's "Wolf Den". He never had a crate as a pup, but we got one to try to train Harlow. She only used it to hide in when she was scared, but he slept in in every night.

Boris meeting Harlow for the first time. We had him on the leash because we didn't know how he would react to her, we thought he might be too rough. We were wrong, it was Harlow that was rough!

Boris in my Dad's 1934 Ford Panel Van. Boris thought that it was his truck.

I love this photo, 'People let me tell you about my best friend . . . ' - They were good buddies. He was always sweet to her, even though she was rough on him! I used to say to them  'Big bruver and baby sisser' because I'm a dork like that.

Here's another puppy photo of Boris