Stylista - You must watch (It is so horrible)

How did I get sucked into watching this show? I'm not sure, channel surfing and something obnoxious and bitchy must have caught my eye, I guess.
It's about a bunch of 12 years olds - ok, they actually are in their 20s, but they think they know it all and not many of them have mentality, maturity or life experiences beyond that of a 12 year old - they are trying to win the position of a junior style editor at Elle magazine. Jerry Hall, oh no wait, I don't know who that is, the Queen of Elle I guess - is the bitch on wheels judge. I hope she is 'acting' because no one in real life could have a 'personality' like that.

They do little competitons like preparing a pretty breakfast for the Queen of Elle, doing mock fashion mag layouts etc. and of course each week someone gets the boot. There are some really annoying personalitites on this show. Young people - nothing against the average young person, but this crowd are 'those young people' who think they are the coolest shit on Earth and that they have lived through it all and they know it all, and no one can tell them otherwise.
Megan is the resident arrogant bitch, and she has a snippy gay sidekick. Someone gave her a 'load of money' to open her own shop a few years ago, but to her that was 'boring' she wanted to do something where she could 'use her brain'. There's the token 'nice fat girl' who you know the producers threw in there to show a 'range of real people' beyond skinny bitches. She is nice though and I like her. Kate is the spoiled bratty girl with big boobs, who cried during the first episode because everyone told said her cleavage was innapropriate for the workplace. Plus there is a cool English guy and my pick for the winner is Ashlie who is at war with Megan.

It's so ridiculous and bitchy. So far I love it!

911 for a panic attack? Please, girl. If he can't handle a competition, how could he possibly handle the real job? Of course he got the boot - there is no crying in fashion.

Too much playing and fun!

Boris and Harlow love to play. They play until they're both panting and can barely stand. They mainly do these quick little air-bites, but they do grab each other sometimes. Harlow grabs onto Boris' cheeks. She is tough for a little gal, and Boris is twice her weight. He let's her know if he's not in the mood to play, but she can usually coax him into playing. Toys that Boris has paid attention to in years are suddenly very sought after now that Harlow is playing with them. She'll run around him with one of the bones in her mouth, to tease him.

He likes to jump up on the couch and hide because she's not quite able to jump up there yet. Sometimes he gets on the couch and lays on his back to tease her into trying to jump up and get him. They are so much fun to watch.

I just heard that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who after next season. It seems to be true this time. Darn.


One week from today the election will be over! Yeah! Over except for analysis of the results, and then talk of innauguration (did I spell that right?) I'll admit that politics totally bore me. I tried to watch the debates and interviews, but I just can't get into it. I can't last longer than about 2 minutes of watching. I'm voting though, fer sure.


Great letter from customer

I love getting letters from Dandelion Vintage customers. I love seeing photos or hearing stories of how the clothing that they've bought from me is being worn or cherished. This story was really interesting, because one of the things that I enjoy the most about buying vintage clothing for myself or to resell, is trying to find clues in the clothing or estates about the previous wearer. Who were they? What were their lives like? This story is about a secret and special item that was found in a garment after I sold it.

I just wanted to write and tell you this. I bought a fake fur jacket from Dandelion Vintage last autumn, the (gorgeous) old lining was shattering, so needed replaced - and on taking the lining out I found a Virgin Mary medallion on pink ribbon stitched to the inside of the coat. I'm not religious but found this really touching - my grandmother was (Irish) Catholic and very superstitious and I know she protected me and my sister with charms. I'm also an archaeologist and find any insights into the history of any particular piece of second hand clothing really interesting. And that's just one thing I love about vintage clothes, that they've had a whole life and a whole history and seen things you haven't seen, by the time you get round to wearing them...

Well, anyway, I really love the coat and now feel super safe and looked after when I'm wearing it!
Best Regards

Isn't that such a great story? And here is the jacket that Laura bought, and the charm that she found and kept inside of the coat -

I wish it was famous for another reason

My Strathmere blog - and a video that I had posted on it - were featured on the CBS3 News in a story about the severe beach erosion at Strathmere. It was very exciting to see my blog mentioned on tv, but I wish it was for any reason other than the problem that Strathmere is having with it's beaches washing out this week. Homes and the whole town are seriously at risk.

From CBS3 -

My Strathmere blog with the flooding video and other pictures that they mention -

Random stuff

*Harlow is 37 pounds. Now if she would only catch on to the potty training.

* Kath and Kim should be really funny, but so far it's not.

*What is 'Good Vintage condition'? Have you ever seen that in vintage auctions on ebay? Really, what is it supposed to mean? Also those statements like 'remember that vintage means old and worn so there will be flaws' Ahhhh, no. I have handled 1000s of pieces of vintage and alot of it has been in excellent condition. When I say 'Excellent condition, no flaws seen' - I mean it. But 'good vintage condition' and 'flaws are to be expected' statements are bull. Yes, I know vintage has flaws, and I have no problem wearing things with flaws. But when I'm buying something, I want to know exactly what flaws the item has, so that I can bid accordingly. I saw in one auction 'email me for condition' again - ahhhh, no. If you are too lazy to list the condition, not only should you not be selling vintage, but I'm going to be too lazy to email you and to bid. Part of the job of selling vintage is to describe the condition thoroughly. And that's coming from me as a buyer of vintage.

* I dyed my hair brown! It's been almost 2 weeks now actually. At first it was a big change, from being blonde or red my whole life. I didn't want to look in the mirror because it was so odd. But now, I really like it!

*Upper Township sucks. It's letting the ocean just wash Strathmere away.

* I miss Summer already. I was on the beach with the dogs 3 days ago, now it's cold and time to start Christmas shopping.

Runnin' with the rainbow unicorn

Project Runway - Leanne wins

I guess that we could have predicted this weeks ago right? Although, at the last second I thought Korto could have pulled off the win. She had some beautiful pieces. In case you missed it, Korto did win the Viewer's Choice $10K prize, good for her.
What happened to a reunion show? Why didn't we get to see everyone rag on Kenley, and hear Stella say 'Leathuh' and Blayne some stupid 'liscious' thing? And see Christian present Korto with a giant 10K check? This season was really pretty weak. Did they do a bad job with the show because it's trying to jump networks? What's the show going to be like if it does move to Lifetime? I hope that it stays on Bravo and I hope the show-makers step back up to the job next season.
The talent really paled compared to the talented designers of last season. There was great talent here, Leanne and Korto showed that. But I still wonder how some designers even made it onto the show - Blayne, Joe, Suede? and the fact that Joe and Suede still got to show collections at fashion week because of the shows stupid timing with airin episodes and fashion week, still ticks me off. They didn't win the right to have that kind of exposure. I mean, good for them, but it's not fair to the real final 3.

I didn't blog much about this season here, because I was doing vintage related Project Runway posts for the Vintage Bulletin -
There just wasn't enough to talk about in each episode to keep from repeating myself in both blogs. I even lost inspiration a few weeks in the Bulletin blog.

I'm not giving up on the show though, hopefully next season will pick up!
How great were the past few Wednesdays though with Pushing Daisies on at 8:00 and then PR on at 9:00? Great night for tv watching.

Beach, Hershey, Mine!

I love warm October weather! Today was another beautiful day, after a few cold ones. We took Boris and Harlow over to the beach again for a walk and swim.
Fun was had by all doggies! Harlow had a vet appointment in the morning, getting her last puppy shots. 33 pounds people.

My Dad set up to sell at the Hershey car show on Wednesday and Thursday. Here are two shots of his spot. He had beautiful weather for the show, and he had a good time. He said there were several sellers with clothing, but he didn't know if it was repro or real vintage.

Today I got a few boxes of clothing from a gal who contacted me through the website. Nice tops, dresses and lingerie, from the late 1950s, 60s and some 70s. Did I keep anything for myself? Uh-huh - some pretty sweaters, the first has embroidered red birdies on it. I'm not positive that I'm keeping it because it's kind of cutsie for my own wardrobe. But I really like it. Because it's cutsey!

Plus I also got a black cotton eyelet dress, a screen print shift dress for next Summer and a black slip with blue details in the lace.

This also came in the mail today. Not vintage of course. It came from Forever21. I'm not really a fan of the shoulders on this top, but I bought it because of the very pretty vintage-like kimono print. Reminds me of 1920s kimonos. Forever21 is known for copying designers, so I guess they copy vintage too.
I'll probably wear it with a little lace shrug to cover my shoulders. It's very pretty, two layers of chiffon.

And I torture you with more videos . . .

Harlow chasing seagulls on the beach 10/2/08 - yes, we took them back today because they had so much fun yesterday.
By the way, Harlow is 4 months old today and she weighs 30 pounds!

Harlow splashing in the waves.

Boris strolling on the beach. He was more interested in getting up on the dunes to sniff around and mark territory. It was pretty windy, that's why his ear is up in the air.

Harlow at the Beach 10/1/08

Today Harlow went to the beach for the first. She loved the water and wasn't afraid to jump right in. She did some doggie-paddling and walked in shallow water making big splashes with her feet. Only one big wave that pushed her scared her a little. She also spotted her first seagull off in the distance.