Thinking about Fall, and what to wear

I've been thinking lately about Fall, and what I'll be wearing for the season. Around the house I'm just in jeans and tees. But I do have a part time job that gets me out of the house 1-1/2 days during the week - just enough to give me an excuse to buy 'dressy' clothing. And I have to be glamorous for the foodstore.
I see myself in floral wrap dresses, opaque tights, boots, ruffled and floral blouses, bright sweaters, and different colored trench coats. I want one of those ivory fishermen cardigans that ties at the waist, a little denim jackets, oxfords and tapestry purses. OK, I always want tapestry purses, so that's nothing new for me.
I'd like to get up the nerve to wear a hat. But my head usually feels hot anyway, so a hat probably wouldn't last very long on my head, and then my hair would be all flat.
I've gathered some favorites on etsy that I'm thinking of buying (a few I already bought - 2 blouses and the pink and blue trench coats)

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Some pretty flowers in Strathmere

During Saturday Morning's walk through town, I took along my camera along to snap some photos of the pretty flowers.

I could live on this porch - it's the perfect Seashore house porch, big and shady, lots of furniture.

My Vintage postcards on display in a Library!

The very first collection to show in the Schiavo Library's Mini Museum is 'Strathmere by the Sea: Vintage Postcards from Strathmere'. The postcards range from the early 1900s to the 1940s.
As I was putting together the collection for the museum, I noted the postmark on the back of one of the postcards was 'August 10th, 1909'. It was amazing to realize that the postcard had been sent exactly 100 years ago during someone's vacation here in Strathmere. I set up the display in the case, which is good because I am very fussy and the postcards mean alot to me. I got the pretty frames from the Dollar store! They were actually $2.50 each.
The book shown with them is a new realease showing postcards from the Southern Jersey Shore and it includes a few pages of Strathmere postcards - which is great because Strathmere usually gets overlooked.

Hummingbird Pandemonium 2009

This is just a sample of the hummingbirds this year. Each year we get more and more because they come back to the place where they were born. I have 13 feeders out this year and I refill 3-4 of them each day. They refuse to share!

I want to find a big feeder with like 10 feeding ports on it.

Very cool - 100 years later

I'm putting together our collection of Vintage Strathmere postcards for a display that will be in the Schiavo Library in Strathmere. Our house in Strathmere was part of the West Jersey Cottages, a hotel that was very popular with fishermen in the early 1900s. The postcard above will appear in the display. It was taken on the front porch of the West Jersey Cottage. Gus Wittkamp is the 2nd man from the right, he owned the cottages and we bought our house from his daughter.
Anyway, I looked at the back of the postcard and it is postmarked 'Aug 10 1909' - exactly 100 years ago today! I just thought that was too cool. To think that someone sent the postcard from our house 100 years ago, and now I have it, and I'm putting it in a display in the Strathmere Library. Very cool.

Everybody's doing it!

It took me awhile to get it to save, but it was fun Mad Men-ning myself -

I wish I looked this pulled together! I don't smoke or drink, but I wanted something in my hand, so I went with the cig, since Mad Men is so full of smoking.

Mad Men yourself here -