Recommendation - 2 pairs of comfortable pants

Aren't you thrilled when you find pants that are super comfortable? You just want to wear them everyday, or go out and get 10 more pairs of the same style? Here are 2 pairs of pants that I ordered online recently, that I was really happy with.

First is a pair of jeans from Old Navy - The Sweetheart - Classic rise, which is just below the navel, bootcut, with a little bit of stretch in the denim. I like jeans with some stretch for comfort, but I find that most stretch jeans seem to run slightly smaller, I guess because they were meant to fit tight and close to the body. But these are regular boot cut with stretch. So they are slightly loose and still stretch when you move. The come in light and dark denim and there is a 'Curvy' version too.

Next, I've been wanting a pair of cords. I loved corduroy pants when I was like 12-14 in Junior High. I remember that I had a mauve pair of Sassoon cords that were my favs in the 1980s! So over at JC Penney's I found some great cords - St. John's Bay® Bootcut Cord Pants - and the cords also set just below the navel and the fabric is very soft and has slight stretch too.

I am not getting paid to promote these pants or anything like that. I just liked them, and thought I'd pass the info onto anyone looking for comfortable pants. Also, both pairs come in short lengths, great for shorties like me.

This is what has been keeping me entertained at my part time job the past few weeks. Right across from my office window is our water tower, which is about to receive a fresh coat of paint. A crew of 3-5 guys has been building the scaffolding for the past 3 weeks or so. It's been amazing to watch them haul piece by piece of metal frame up the side, layer by layer. They walk around the scaffolding on those boards which are loose, and they have no harness on either. Now they are inside working on sandblasting. The inside is getting painted too (our water is being pumped in from a nearby town) There is a ladder up inside the stem of the tower, and there is a hatch on the very top that the guys come out of sometimes. When they are way up on the curved top they do have a harness on.

It's really an amazing thing to watch, and it's the big excitement in this quiet little town. Every drives by really slow and crains to look at it.

3 Vintage dresses for me

I bought a few cute dresses for myself on ebay recently. I know, they're Summer dresses, it'll be 6 months before I can wear them, I should be buying Fall stuff! But they were too cute to pass up and the weather is still too warm here in NJ to think about sweaters.

- First is a pink and white gingham cotton with inset strips and flat fabric tabs along the top.
- Next is an unusual Swirl dress that I bought from dexterdoggie - It has an overlapped bodice with shoulders that tie. There is elastic on the back of the waist with 2 buttons to hold it shut. It is a little snug on the waist, so I need to trim down an inch or so to wear it by next Summer. Swirl dresses are great if you can get them, super comfortable to wear.
- Third is a great blue on white toile print cotton dress. It was unworn with tags, super lightweight cotton. The print is just really great and the front of the skirt has great folding.

Those first 2 pictures are crooked! I wonder if it was me or the mannequin that was lopsided!

So, Dumbledore is gay, how about that. Maybe the purple velvet suit should have been a giveaway. I bet the fanfic writers are going wild writing about the exploits of his youth!

Heroes - they are off to a slow start. The momentum of last season isn't there yet. I like the Molly/Mohinder/Matt story, and Matt's Dad being the nightmare man, and Nathan being all dark and brooding and a little bit scruffy (it looks good on him) Peter off in the land of amnesiacs and bad Irish accents is really dragging and I'm unsure of Hiro in the past yet.

Mad Men - I tried hard not to fall for you, but I got pulled right in. Now I'll be missing you until next season. Peggy, now that is some serious denial! What a surprise. I mean, you thought she was pregnant, but I couldn't believe it when the nurse walked in with a baby!

Tim Gunn, what happened there? I saw 3 episodes, and each was rerun about 20 times each. Hopefully they are off revamping the show because I'd really like to see it succeed. First thing they need to do is drop the model, she has no personality. They should have a different co-host every week. I saw a rerun of the finale of season 2 of Project Runway last week and I am SO looking forward to the new season, which starts sometime in November.

I'm obsessed with this coat!

I saw this coat posted on one of the gossip blogs and now I am consumed with finding out about it. The gal is Rebecca -'I used to be married to John Stamos but now I'm married to the fat kid from Stand By Me who grew up to be hot' - Romijn. Photos are from her recent arrival to the David Letterman show. The coat has a very vintage style and color - love that color and I love the texture of the wool. Most likely the coat is new though. I've been trying to figure out who made it, but so far no luck! Which is good anyway, because it would probably be too much for me anyway (I'm very cheap)
Her red lipstick and red shoes are great with that aqua color too. Her make-up looks heavy in the daylight but she's probably made up for the studio lighting.

Mickey is here for my Aunt Chrissie, who passed away this week.

I love getting mail

Look what came in the mail today!

Bought from GlamoursurfI bought this great set from Glamoursurf - Now, you know how I feel about green (love it!) The set is a very cool fitted dress with a capelet that has a panel down the front and the back. I'm nervous that it may be a little chic for me, but I'm going to give it a try! I think I'll wear a belt over the panels of the capelet to hold them from moving around too much, as long as the belt doesn't look stupid. I could always have the belt hold the back panel in place and leave the front panel hang loose too. Now, what shoes should I wear . . .

I was a big fan of Victoria Magazine and I was sad to see it fold several years ago. But I was happy to hear about it's return, and in the mail today came the new issue! It looks like it's still as good as it used to be, I have to give it a more thorough going-over. This is the Christmas issue so there's alot of Christmas decorating and dining. Plus there is a nice 10 page layout of gowns from the Tasha Tudor Antique Clothing collection, with text by Karen Augusta. The gowns will be auctioned by Whitaker's on November 10th & 11th. You can see a few galleries of some of the other items on their website. And here is a photo from the magazine of two pages of the layout.

I played hooky today

Today was just too nice to sit inside and work at the computer or to iron a pile of vintage clothing. So I went with my Dad & Boris over to the beach, for a little swim. It may be October but the water is fairly warm still and it's 80-some degrees outside. Boris took a swim in the still water between the beach and the sand bar, and I took this very short video -

And here are a few still photos - slurping, testing the air with his tongue, a view of the stern with his tail out of water, and paddling with eyes opened and with eyes squinted shut.

He keeps drinking the salt water while he's swimming and biting the little waves. Of course when he got home, he ate some dog food and then threw up the food and all that salt water (bulldogs have sensitive tummies)

Adrian Fringed gown (not mine, darn) and other stuff

Really a fabulous, one of a kind find on ebay this week that you should go now and drool over - Vintage 40's Gilbert Adrian Draped Fringe Dress Gown - listed by damafortuna. Several years ago, I bought a Tina Leser dressing gown from damafortuna, and it has a wardrobe label inside for 'J. Fontaine' I never did find out if the gown was actually worn by Miss Fontaine in any of her movies. I'll have to pull it out and try doing research on it again.

Next, submitted for your oggling, drooling, envying pleasure is a 'GORGEOUS Rare UNBELIEVABLE Beautiful MIND BLOWING!' Floral IRENE LENTZ Vintage 50s Cocktail SWING Coat M - available with a BIN price from lucitebox. Wow, I love the print and look at the seaming on the back! I wish I had the occasion to wear something like this.

Like Adrian, Irene was also a designer for MGM movie studios. Adrian was there during the 1930s and Irene for most of the 1940s. How about that, I didn't even plan that MGM connection, I just chose 2 items that I liked and they turned out to be vaguely related. I'm sure that I mentioned this before, but if you love looking at clothing in old movies, a nice reference book for the wardobe designers of old movies is Costume Design in the Movies

I'd love to own something worn by Myrna Loy. Something 1930s to mid 1940s. It doesn't even have to be a glamour gown. It could be a little suit or even a cute sweater and skirt outfit, whatever. I'll take it.

Now, I refrain from talking about the way other women look. I don't like to talk about someone's appearance or weight or anything, because I wouldn't want anyone to talk about me that way. But this photo, just struck me as so creepy, I gotta post it. Both gals are very pretty in their own way. But don't they look like mannquins in this photo? I mean really. Posh looks very robotic and Dita is very - white.