Still have traveling 'Vintage Style' on my mind

So my last post was about weekend traveling, using vintage bags. The photo to the left here shows the vintage straw bag that I had chosen to use for weekends at the Jersey Shore this Summer. Then I pulled out two round suitcases that I have to sell, but just haven't gotten listed on the website yet. Either of those would be good weekend choices for me too. I'm leaning towards the grey one because it has a pretty pale lavender quilted lining. The inside of the black leather one is cool too - brown printed paper.

I finished hanging the rest of my vintage purses this week too, after buying more tacks. Most are on one wall, with a few on the other wall. Yes, that is an exercise bike. It gets minimal use and yes I occasionally hang my clothing on it! Now that the purses are all easy to see, let's see if I use more than the same 4-5 all the time!

Here's a closer peek at a few pairs of my shoes. I wore my first open toed shoes of the season the other day. It was a happy feeling. Also went out in a dress with no stockings for the first time this season too. It was way too hot to worry about how pale my legs were!

One last peek at some of my stuff. This is how I hang my sweaters. I have two over the door hooks, and I just hang them tiered so that I can see them better. 2 are new, all of the others are vintage.

Traveling in style

Usually in the Summer, I carry my stuff to the Shore in a large vintage straw bag. Fun, festive, and fits the season. But they get beat up, and I have to buy another bag every season. One of my vintage friends Carolina was telling me that she was looking for train cases. So I thought, hmm, one of those would be good for the Shore. I don't know what it is about small train cases, but they make you want to pack up some little things and go! I'm just concerned a case would be bulky carrying, a straw bag is so much easier to toss around - which is why mine get beat up so easily!
I already have a straw bag set aside for this Summer, but I did a little search on etsy for bags and cases anyway, I can always browse. I also have two round zippered cases that I could use, one is lined in peach satin. I'll have to take a photo of it.

Some from Etsy. Click the image to check out these bags in my favorites.

This Sunday was the 'Annual Spring Unvailing of the Pastey Whitey-White Winter Legs'! You know, you're ready to wear Spring clothing, but the legs are still stuck in Winter mode. I've been out in dresses with stockings a few times this Spring, but this is the first bare legs day - shaved and moisturized!
I don't know why I felt compelled to photograph the Unvailing outfit, but here it is, pale legs and all.
Pants, shoes and purse are vintage. The top is new. Actually it was a dress that was too short for me, so I cut it down a little. The loafer shoes are my most frequently worn pair of shoes. They're the go-to shoes, the ones that go with everything, the ones you throw on when you can't decide which shoes to wear. Bought them a few months ago on ebay.

I'm in the process of clearing junk out of the tiny catch-all spare bedroom. I'm going to hang all my purses in there and spread out all my shoes. I have a nice variety of vintage shoes and purses, but if I can't see them, I end up wearing the same shoes and carrying the same purse all the time! So hopefully having accessories on view will remind me of the cute things that I have and enable me to put them to good use. Below is what I have done so far (I ran out of tacks to hang the purses) Winter shoes are packed up and Summer slingbacks on display.

Also did some rearranging in the stock room. I used to use the round rack in another room to hang unwashed clothing. But my Dad hung some long racks in the other room for those clothes, and the round rack came in here to loosen up the racks that hold the website stock.
Boxes are piling up with backstock. I bought 200 vintage hats this week (!) and they are taking up alot of space here now.

The Wardrobe cleaned and decorated

Taa-daa! Hatbox and hat, purse, a few pieces of clothing, pins and round suitcase. I think it'll be the new background for my photos, since it ended up being put in that spot. I know, more background stuff to distract you from what I'm trying to sell. But for myself, I've never liked doing photos on a plain background, I think it's harder. And I don't have any space that can stay empty all the time for photos. I see an empty space - I must fill it up with stuff!

The inside of the top has padded velvet, which is very nice for displaying jewelry.

Oh, and I'm keeping the hair. I kept the pieces in the bags in a drawer of the trunk.

Check out my purchases - Wardrobe Trunk, cute pins and some hair

I wasn't looking for a wardrobe trunk, but I have one now! I picked up this cool trunk locally this morning after going foodshopping. A little beat, looks like the outside was painted black, but it will make a nice display piece. Man is it heavy! And next time I buy a big, dirty old trunk, I'll clean it outside before I bring it inside. After a vacuuming, some Lysol and Spic-n-Span, it's looking pretty nice.

Inside of the trunk were a few 1940s wool clothing pieces that were smelly and very moth eaten. Also in the trunk were these 4 chunks of hair, one in a bag dated 1933.

I also picked up a few cute pins for myself. The turtle and seahorse will be perfect for the Shore.

Contest Winner!

The winner of the teacup displays and tiered candy tray (see below) is Miss Judy Bloom!

Check out her shop -
Judy Bloom Flowers is a full service florist located in NW Portland, OR

and her pretty flower blog -

Carole Lombard style

Just because I like making collages.

My 1950s Harlem Fashion Show photo was featured in a Treasury on Etsy

'Treasury' features are favorite items chosen by etsy users. The Treasury picks rotate on the front page of etsy, so it's nice as a seller to be chosen, because it gives your items extra exposure.
My 1950s Harlem Fashion photo, which came from the estate of Milliner Jessie Laurent Harper, was chosen for the Treasury below, it's highlighted in yellow.

Cool huh?
See a better view of the 'Who Needs Color' Treasury Here - and then check out the poster's shop HaileysBobbins Here - she sells vintage buttons and cute 'Inspiration Kits' with colorful vintage notions, like this Green themed one -

Eagle's Nest live cam from NJ

Everybody, this is my latest obsession. I love watching the eagles! Two baby chicks, just born this week, another egg waiting to hatch. Mom and Dad take turns on the nest. It's just amazing to watch it.

Time for a Give Away! Tea cup displays and a Goodie Tray

I haven't done a giveaway in a long time have I?
This giveaway is for a set of 4 tea cup and saucer displays and a 3 tiered candy/cookie tray.

These items are NOT vintage, I ordered them from a catalog about 5-6 years ago, and never used them. They are thin metal, painted with an ivory wash with gold detailing.
The 4 pieces are nice for displaying your special tea cups and saucers and the candy/cookie tray would be nice for a fancy occasion (it's not very big though, so it would have to be small goodies on the two top levels) It also comes apart for easier storing.

Anyone can sign up to win these pieces. Just make a comment below or send an email to

A winner will be drawn on 4/11.

Lounging on a Wednesday morning

I haven't tortured you with photos of my cuties lately have I? This morning I snapped a few photos during a rare quiet moment, of the wolf pack, sleeping together on the couch on their ripped up blanket. Ahh, life is good for spoiled doggies!