Carol Baker - Wildlife Photographer presents : Turkey VS Deer

5 big male turkeys, enjoying the seed buffet in the yard. Along comes the young deer that's been hanging around the yard. Lead male turkey tries several times to chase off the deer. Turkey is very serious, but the deer seems like it wants to play! It kept coming in close to tease the turkeys, and when they left, the deer followed them.

Cute sneakers for me!

These cute sneakers arrived in the mail today. I won them on ebay for $12 including shipping.
They are brown Converse with wedge heels. Cute. I think I'm going to seek out a pair in black too.

Some stuff in my room

I took a few photos in my room of some of my stuff, because I like my stuff. To the left here is a cubby in my room, next to the closet. It's one of those spaces that's perfect for displaying stuff and it not being in the way. It has a few of my Boudoir dolls, some old Bessie Pease Gutmann prints, hatboxes, purses, and a Jadite lamp that I bought on ebay several years ago

Below is a super cute set of vintage buttons shaped like Bulldogs. Cute. Plus you can cut out the little bulldog, kind of like a paperdoll, but even better because it's a bulldog paperdoll!
The other photos are items in a desk that's in my room. The desk has a glass cabinet on the side and I have some dishes and figures displayed in it. The fairy is new of course, but the laying doll is a Rose O'Neill Kewpie, and she is wearing a little sweater.

Finally is a cheap display shelf that I bought out of someone's basement. I painted it and I use it to display some of my mermaids, half dolls, compacts and paper items.

I still love them

Since I saw them on the Tom Snyder show in March 1981, I've loved U2. If you know me in real life, you know that I was madly fanatical about U2 back in the day. I guess that I have mellowed over the years, but I still love them. I caught part of their live concert broadcast on YouTube last night.  But it was way past my bedtime, so I didn't watch all the way to the end (can't stay up as late as I used to back in the day!)
They are still as awesome as they were in 1981. Older (except for Larry, it seems he hasn't changed at all) and Bono's voice isn't quite as strong as it used to be, but he still gives it the gusto.
Even though I am a hardcore, die hard fan, even I get tired of Bono yapping about political and social issues all the time. Great, you want to heal the world, but sometimes I just want to say 'Shut up and sing Bono'
15 years+ ago their shows cost over $1 Million a night to put on, I can't imagine how much all thet techno junk costs now to haul around and set up.
So this morning I dug out some U2 CDs and I'm listening to them while I work.

My Dad has been invited to show his 1932 Ford 3 Window at the 2009 Jalopyrama  on 10/31,  which will be held at the Annapolis National Guard Armory.
He will be one of the 35+ Invitation Only Cars inside the Armory.
This is the car that he has been invited to bring -
Steel body, all original 1950s Hot Rod equipment and super rare Ardun Motor.

So if you are going, look for him there!

1960s Starlet/Actress/Model/Trophy Wife - Fran Richards is up for sale

Do you remember my previous post about actress/model/starlet/trophy wife - Fran Richards?
Well I have her 50+ piece lot of fashion photos, headshots and newsclipping up for sale on my website -

It's a great group of fashion photos and an interesting collection from the career of a 1960s starlet

Antique Baby Strollers & children's push sleighs

So, my Mom has this collection of antique baby strollers and sleighs . . .

My Dad wanted to get them all outside to take some good photos of them, since the house is so dark inside.
The dolls in the child's sleigh are old, and the Indians in the canoe were made by my Mom 20 years ago. The canoe is a perfect match for them. We went to the auction intending to buy a sleigh that had a wooden swan head on it, but ended up with the canoe instead. I think it was the better buy.

These two car shaped wicker strollers are both made by Heywood-Wakefield. My parents saw one just like the one on the left at the Carlisle Car show 30 years ago, and they always regretted not buying it. All of the sleighs and stroller are for children, and they are all from the early 1900s. And yes, they are all displayed around their house.

I love this old doll, she is very pretty.

Glamoursurf Interviews Dandelion Vintage

Pam from the fabulous  'vintage swimsuit heaven' website Glamoursurf  interviewed me for her blog Glamoursplash.
Please check it out here - GlamourScoop - Interview with Carol of Dandelion Vintage

Some vintage purchases for my Mom

Looks like I started my Christmas shopping early this year!
My Mom is hard to buy for, she doesn't like to get new things like clothing for Christmas and since she is disabled, she can't use anything for the house.
But she loves vintage things, and that is why I ended up loving vintage things, because I grew up surrounded by it. I made a vintage stock purchase this week and there were several items in the load that I will be keeping to give to her for Christmas.

First is this older wool crepe and silk dress that I believe is from the early 1900s. It should fit one of her dolls. Next were two early 1900s parasols with fancy handles. We can display them with her dolls or in her baby strollers.

Next is a cute little hand knit sweater with bunnies on it and an embroidered bunny bib. And then a silk bonnet and quilted booties.

The lady who got this lot of vintage clothing for me was helping an older lady clean out her attic. My lady ended up with some amazing 1930s Easter decorations from the house - several papier mache candy holders in bunny shapes, celluloid bunnies in cars, Easter baskets etc. It is so hard to find old Easter items.
I made such a fuss over this old unused packet of egg dye that she gave it to me. I just thought it was a great old packet - from the 1930s, with the packets of dye still inside.

That's all for my Mom.

Below is the box of 60+ pieces of mostly doll clothing with a some baby items that I also bought. They're from the 1930s. The older lady's mother made many of the pieces. All will eventually be listed on the website for sale.
The fabric is the background of the above photos is one of the dresses that I bought in this lot too, about a dozen custom made dresses from the 1960s, along with 10 hats.

A day at the beach with Harlow & Boris

We took Boris and Harlow for a walk and little swim on the beach today.
Once we went through the gate Harlow was running towards the water! She loves running through the shallow water and low tide puddles.

We have to keep Boris on the leash, otherwise he'd run up to do business in the sand dunes. He pokes along pretty slowly, but pulls and runs once in a while. He doesn't soend as much time in the water as Harlow.

And the ride home - Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl