A slipcover project with some vintage fabric

I should have taken a before photo, right? It was originally a tweedy brown velour. Brown isn't my color so I decided to try to make a slipcover for it.
I bought the above 1950-60s fabric on ebay a few years ago, it was 12 yards for about $40. I had cut 4 panels from the piece to make curtains for the cottage which hung out there for about 2 years and I had a 3-4 yard piece left over.
The 3 panels were the exact width of the sides and back of the chair, so I stitched 3 of the panels together, folded them over the chair on the back and sides, and tucked them down inside. The 4th panel I stitched about 12 inches up the 2 front-sides and then just tucked the rest of the piece under the cushion. I didn't make a cut on the 4 panels so I could always take them apart to use for something else.

The yardage that I had left over originally was cut to cover the 2 big cushions. It still needs some tight tucking and some straightening of the patterns, but I'm so please with the way that it turned out.

Next I have these 2 rolls of vintage fabrics that I bought with a load of clothing recently. There's about 8 yards on each roll and I only paid $15 for the two rolls! They are both an ivory taffeta, one has stitched puckers and the other has raised stitched lines.
I'm thinking that I'll make some sort of window treatments for the livingroom with them. They'd be great boudoir pillows - but with my dogs the pillows would get wrecked.

One more shot of the chair, because I love it.

Harlow and Gus, enjoying Spring

The doggies are getting another early taste of Spring. Above is Harlow, she'll be 4 in june, she weighs 80 pounds! That's huge for a female bulldog.

Below is baby Gus, he is now 6 months old and up to 57 pounds. I'm thinking that he'll be big like Harlow and our sweet Boris, and end up at about 75 pounds. He's nice and solid, and such pretty markings. He's a very happy guy and so much fun to hav around. Super naughty though!