Project Runway - You vote 'It's Sew Not Over'

Project Runway is having a special online competition involving 12 of the designers from this season. The 12 designers each made 3 garments which can be seen online at the Bravo website. Watch each designer's runway show and then you can vote on who you think the winner should be! The designer receiving the most votes online will win $10,000.
You can watch the whole 16 minute show above, or go to Bravo's webpage and watch each individually and then vote -

I haven't chosen a favorite yet, but here is my take on the outfits -

Carmen - inspired by Japanese warriors, weird I thought. But once you get past the mask and the sword on the 1st model, the outfits are actually very interesting and very Carmen looking. All of the pieces worn together are a bit much, but on their own with something else they would be very nice.

Chris - the 2nd dress is very Laura Bennett, I like the shoulder drape on the 3rd dress, it's my favo from this group. But a lady can only take small steps in these narrow dresses! I'm kind of disappointed.

Marion - inspired by Hitchcock, kinda High Fashion Goth, kinda Avant Garde. Maybe even a little 1920s influence too. Interesting.

Christian - lots of wild chiffon prints. Man that last model is scrawny legged! I think the mix of prints is a bit much. The 2nd dress reminds of the readywear outfit from the Avant Garde challenge, except it's a print. I like the 1st dress and I like the jacket in the 3rd look, but I'd prefer both without the print stockings.

Elisa the Puppeteer - I want to say something about her outfits being kooky (her commentary is the classic Elisa-kooky that we all love) but the dresses are actually pretty good. The 1st not so much, but the other two gowns are very interesting, they look really comfortable and they are draped nicely.

Jack - the print of the first dress is great, but the lay of the dress and the black accessories ruin it. I like the jacket on the 2nd look, the 3rd dress would have been better without the print trim and without the black boots and gloves.

Jillian - Very cute first dress, LOVE the 2nd dress, the high waisted pants in the 3rd look would have been much better on someone with hips and a waist rather than the stick figure of a model. I think I know now who I'll be voting for.

Kevin - he's straight, he's from Jersey, His looks were good, but nothing really different or innovative. The 2st dress is a cute plaid and I like the opposing pattern down the sides of the dress. I'd like the 2nd look if it wasn't leather, that is pretty cute.

Kit - Cute stuff, I like the sweater with the buttons up the sleeves, the eyelash dress is very sweet and I like the cape from the 3rd look over the plaid skirt. I could probably wear Kit's stuff.

Rami - Not a Grecian look in the lot! 1st look had a cute blouse, I don't think I like the puff of the skirt below the fitted hip - that's not a flattering look for the average woman. I love that lavender coat from the 2nd look. The Lavender babydoll dress would have been better without the ruffles on the arms and neck, unless you are 10 years old. I mean it'a babydoll, do you really need additional ruffles?

Steve - 1st dress, kind of plain and I hate those flat, no-boob bodices. The 2 other dresses were very nice party dresses, kind of 1950s looking and I really liked the lace shoulder treatment on the 3rd dress.

Ricky - Are you kidding with those hats? He had the 3 models wearing his hats. I couldn't stop looking at those hats! They were very distracting. Once I trained myself to ingore the hats I saw that the 1st dress was really sweet, I love the bottom. The 2nd dress, kinda trashy, but cute somehow. The 3rd dress was a cool looking red fabric, but it looked like it need to be pulled up or have something more structure on the bust or something at the neckline instead of the sheer nude.


Apple said...

I love project runway. Thank you for sharing this...I didn't even know it existed!!!

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