The Dressing/Guest Room

I finished re-doing the room that will be my Dressing-Slash-Guest room. Painted the hideous bright blue walls a very pale green and replaced the pilled and stained/faded mauve rug with a neutral color. I made the curtains from some vintage fabric. All of the furniture is old, including the metal bed that originally came from my great-aunt's house, I think that it's from the 1930s. The Bessie Pease Gutmann prints are old too.

My make-up table.

One wall shows off some of my Summery vintage purses

There are only 2 closets on my floor so this old coat rack - which came from a vintage stock purchase in Glassboro - will hold the bulk of my own clothing and some more vintage purses. Vintage shoes underneath.

A closer peek at some of my clothing, kinda smooshed. All but one dress is vintage, all of the purses are vintage, because you know, vintage purses are my weakness.

There are many dressers on my floor which is actually different for me because I haven't had a dresser for my clothing in many years. I junk up my dresser mirrors with photos, scarves, hankies etc. I'm not a fan of mirrors.
My parent's got this dresser from the Deauville Inn in Strathmere when our friends bought it 30+ years ago. The Deauville was once a 20 room hotel and there were many of these antique dressers in amongst the ruins of the old rooms. My Mother refinished and sold several of the dressers and we still have 3 of them, all identical.

The other old dresser has a marble top, super heavy. I don't know where this dresser came from.

The Calla Lily lamp was bought at Cowtown flea market. It was originally classic 1980s shiny brass! I actually bought two of them and I painted the brass.

My next project will be the spare bedroom/dressing room

My next project will be the spare bedroom/dressing room. It's a corner room, nice and bright with a window on each side. The walls are a bright blue right now and there is a beat up mauve carpet in there. I chose a pale green to paint the walls. First it looked kind of yellow on the blue and it dried a little lighter than what I wanted, but I'll make it work. The carpet might be a problem until I get some extra money, I might have to work around it for a while.
There will be 2 mirrored dresses, a make-up table and a marble top table, all antique. The bed is a metal 1930s painted headboard that came from my grandmother.
Since there are only 2 small closets in the apartment, I'll be using this as my dressing room. I have an old coat rack with two shelves across the top and I'll hang my clothing on it, and on brackets on the back of the 2 doors. I'll have plenty of drawer space. I'll be hanging all of my vintage purses on the wall, I'm not sure yet how I'll set up my shoes.

These 3 photos are of the room right before I started painting - after photos to follow.