Well, it's been awhile since my last post. The past few weeks have been busy, I'm always busy, but I'm not sure what I do.

Christmas is rushing towards us! I don't miss working retail this time of year. I have deepest sympathy for those of you working in retail during the Chistmas shopping season. And those of you shopping, please be nice to people who work in stores, don't take out your frustrations on them (even if they are rude, be nice, maybe they are having a day full of people being rude to them) Ahh, I remember Black Friday insanity. Kind of stressful and hectic, but usually fun because things were just so insane.

Where can you get nice big birdhouses for reasonable prices? I want a nice big one up on a pole in our front yard. There is a great shop down the road from us and they have birdhouses and garden stuff, really cool things. But those big birdhouse cost alot, even when I searched online they were costly. I want a bunch of birdhouses and birdfeeders to put out in the yard next Spring, oh and a bunch of hummingbird feeders too. Is anyone familiar with any good online stores for those items and cute garden stuff?

Vintage on TV - I caught an episode of Pam Anderson's new show, or no, she's called Pamela Lee now isn't she? The show is called Stacked and she 'works' in a bookstore. It wasn't bad, better than some shows that you see. Anyway, in this episode that I saw, she was wearing a vintage Pucci dress. Now, I'm always glad to see vintage clothing on TV, it's like free publicity for the vintage seller's community. But I don't think this dress did much to help vintage. I like Pam, I think she's alright. Over the top with the boobs and the boyfriends, but funny and likeable just the same. But this dress didn't suit her, not her style at all. First off, it was poorly fitted. I don't really think that Pucci was designed to accomodate such big boobies. She also had a belt around the waist which was riding up high on her waist, almost under the bust. The belt just didn't look right. She also had a slip under it which was showing unevenly below (I think the boobies were making the dress ride up) Plus I really think they only dressed her in a Pucci dress so that they could make suggestive jokes about 'her' Pucci.


Fall Foliage

I've been busy with so much stuff, that I haven't written in here in a while. The 20% off sale on the website will continue until Sunday 11/13. The regular update will return on 11/14 with some black dresses, a bunch of hats from Jessie Harper's estate and more.
The woods around our house are beautiful with all of the leaves changing color. Here are some shots of the yard.

This is a look down our driveway, towards the road

Here's one of our neighbors!

Here is a back view of the house

Two views of the front yard

And a view of the back yard

There is a new show on Friday nights called the Ghost Whisperer. It's about this girl who sees the ghosts of dead people and she has to help them and the loved ones that they are leaving behind, so that the spirits can crossover. Whatever. It stars Jennifer Love Hewett, who I have always found annoying for some reason. But the girl that she plays in this show owns an antique shop and she's usually dressed in vintage. So now I find myself having to watch this show to see the vintage! The stories are pretty good so far, and she is only cutesey-annoying occasionally, so you might want to check it out.

Bye for now, Carol