I admit it, I'm weak for products. I'm not as bad as I used to be about seeing things in pretty packages and wanting to buy and try them. I think twice about whether I really, really need the item and if I will actually use it. I no longer end up with a boxful of unuseful items like I used to.
Here are 3 recent purchases that I tried and would recommend. And no, I didn't get them for free and I'm not being paid to endorse them, my blog isn't famous enough to pull in free swag (although that is my ultimate goal)
Dove Body Mist Spray in grapefruit and lemongrass scent. I'm not a regular perfume wearer because of my sinus troubles. Smells make me sneeze or give me headaches, so I can only wear subtle scents and this one is perfect. It has a nice dry scent, and it's not too fruity. A small spritz last most of the day, which is good because I don't want to still be smelling it when I go to bed at night. They also have a deodorant in the same scent, which is also nice.
Salon Selectives Smoothing Serum - I have fine hair, but I have alot of it. I never blow dry my hair, I let it dry natural after washing it, so it tends to dry fluffy and flyaway on the ends. I used to use Fructose smoothing milk, but they don't carry it at my Acme. Now I found the Salon Selectives Smoothing Serum which works really well on my hair. It's light, not sticky, and my hair dries natural with some waves and shine - not stiff and flat like when I use a mousse or scrunching spray.
Maybelline Salon Expert nailpolish in 'Saucey Brown' Not a good name, I know. But it is a nice shade of a burgundy-brown, like a dark neutral, goes with most of my Summer sandals. Plus it's nice and shiny.

Harlow 8/24

She has spots everywhere! On her belly, on her fanny, on the bottom of her feet. Everyday she has darker and bigger spots.

Friday she spent her first night in Strathmere. She won't walk on a leash yet, so we just hung around the house and yard.

It's always nice just kicking back and relaxing in Strathmere.

Harlow in her first car photo shoot

25% off sale at Dandelion Vintage!

25% off Sale at Dandelion Vintage!

It's been hectic around here lately. First we got Harlow who is an irresistable distraction from work, then last week my computer blew out in a storm. Luckily I have a laptap as back-up to fill orders, but I couldn't do photos or any major updates during that week. Dell technical help thought it was the power supply, so I ordered that part and waited for it to arrive. Installed it, but that didn't solve the problem. Then Dell thought it was the Mother board. Well, forget it. I wasn't going to replace the computer part by part, so I ordered a new tower. Then I had to transfer everything to the new computer and get used to the new set-up. Oh, plus I had a migraine! But I think I'm back on track now!
Since I didn't get any stock added this week, I decided to have a sale.

25% will be deducted in the shopping cart, regular shipping charges apply. Discount does not apply to items already on hold.

Sale ends 8/24/08 -

Bye for now, Carol

Project Runway - Day into Night

I have to admit that I wasn't very inspired by this week's challenge. Brook Shields was the special guest and judge. The challenge was to design an out fit for her to wear on her show 'Lipstick Jungle' I've never seen it, but I've heard that it is some sort of Sex in the City clone (which I didn't watch either, sluts and expensive shoes, no thanks)
The outfit had to be suitable for her character to where in the office and then out for a night on the town. And she said that her character had a taste for the 'bohemian style' oh jeez, don't say that to this crowd of designers.
The designers worked in teams. My favorite team was Jerrell and Stella who seemed like they would be very opposite, but actually got along quite well.
The results were very mixed from Blayne's dumbassed Bermuda shorts, to Kelli's very tacky 1980s Merry-Go-Round inspired bustier set with leopard trim.
The winner was Keith from the Mormon Hood and Kendel, who did the chiffon petal skirt with floral top above. I thought the waist was too high, but otherwise very nice.
I also liked Korto's design, above right. She was stuck with Joe Scmoe. The boho blouse was very orange, but I liked the style. You removed the top to reveal a fitted strapless dress with an open back.
Kelli and Blayne were in the bottom two, and I can't believe that Kelli was out and Blayne was in. Yes, Kelli's outfit this week was bad. But I thought for sure Kelli would be in the final 3 or 4, whatever. Blayne hasn't shown that he is much of a designer. In fact none of the men have shown any outstanding design talent.

Maybe I need to watch the show again to appreciate it more. It was just ho-hum.

Now, I torture you with videos

Sleeping baby -

What's all the noise?

Out of control! The breeder told us she was a quiet and laidback puppy!

Harlow mania spreads!

Joan posted Harlow's photo to the Houston Chronicle
And Julie from Damn Good Vintage couldn't resisted posting the cuteness in her Damn Good blog

Plus, we took her to visit some friends, and while we were out in their front yard, people walking by kept stopping to see Harlow. Some kids riding by on their bikes stopped to see her, and they all whipped out their cellphones and started taking pictures of her!

By the way, her official registered name is 'D&D's Harlow the Junkyard Bombshell'
D&D is the breeder, and my dad wanted Junkyard in the name. I always tease him about the yard being a junkyard (cars and tools all over) and I call our dogs Junkyard Dogs.

More Puppy photos

Here's Harlow and Boris, playing and sleeping

Waiting to attack!

Boris watching Harlow out in the yard.

Left is Harlow and right is Boris at the same age -

The Cutest Puppy Ever Blog

New blog name people! Only because I'm probably going to overlaod it with puppy photos for well into the future.
First, let's observe the naughtiness. You forget how much work a puppy is in between raising dogs. You have to keep an eye on her all the time.
Here she is throwing her bowl around, great fun, she does it with the water too. Then chewing on my vintage chenille bath mat.

I know, she is so cute! It is unbearable. Especially when she first wakes up, and she looks up at you all sweet and wiggley. Here she is chewing one of Boris' bones, which he seems to not mind sharing. He's being really sweet with her now.

Here are two sleeping photos. She has trouble getting comfortable and pouts while she tried to get to sleep. She also like to move the blankets and build a little nest. She seems to like sleeping with her head raised, as seen here against the antique stove and under the diningroom table.

Project Runway - Olympic Challenge

This week's challenge was to create an outfit that could be worn to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I don't think many of the designers have seen the opening show, but from what I remember, most of the athletes are in athletic-like clothing, representing their country. This group got the red, white and blue correct, but I think some of them thought it was a cocktail party or something.
Korto won with the outfit to the left. I think the pants were linen? the vest was leathuh. Linen is a bad wrinkley choice. As a regular outfit, it would be nice, but I think it fell short of being an Olympic outfit and I don't think it would be flattering on most atheltic bodies. But I like Korto, so I'm glad that she has a win.

My favorite was probably Kelli, because of the obvious vintage influence. But I don't think it was suitable for the Opening Ceremonies either. I think it's a little too cuties, and there should be a little bit of formality to the outift. I think Terri should have won, because her outfit was sporty and fun, with enough of a slightly formal look and also a comfort look for the athletes to wear. I wish she didn't have that scarf thingy though. The formal jacket looked good with the sporty top and pants. I like Terri's, she seems cool, her designs are good, and I also like her hair. Is that weird? Whenever I see her, I think, Great Hair. Full and wavy/curly.

Jerrell made the outfit below on the left. What Olympics is he designing for? There was alot going on it that outfit and the hat too. Subtract the leggings and it would have been a really cute outfit for regular wear, but not for this challenge.
Next on the right below is Joe's outfit. You know, the straight guy, with 2 children to prove it? Now Joe was going on saying there was too much drama because there were 'Too many Queens' Please Joe, you were the biggest Queen on the show last night complaining and making a big fuss because someone used your sewing machine. Girl.
His outfit was sporty and fun, although the skorts were weird with the longer panel in the front. I think he should have dumped the skorts and used the jacket - which was really nice with the mixed red and blue zipper that he made - with something else, pants maybe.

Daniel, below left - said his dress was inspired by the 1940s. I don't get it. I don't see it. I see a shiny purple cocktail dress. Sometimes he looks cute and sometimes he looks kinda elf-like. He always looks like he's on the verge of a panic attack. He was in the bottom two this week.
Jennifer did the other outfit below. I think that it is cute, but not at all Olympic-like. The judges thought it was another 'matronly' outfit, so Jennifer was out.

I thought I was going to be disappointed in the challenge this week because I thought it was going to be like the skating outfit that they did in Season Two. But the idea of an Olympic Opening Ceremonies uniform was a good one, the designers just didn't get the 'uniform' part. Now how would the USA look with a bunch of athletic Gals marching throught the stadium in Jerrell's outfit? Ralph Lauren is designing the Olympic Uniforms.
Oh, I almost forgot! Stella designed her uniform in leathuh! I guess you probably could have thought of that yourself. She said it was to appeal to the bikers who like the Olympics.
I'm sorry to say that there is not much to talk about besides the clothing this season. I like that the focus is on the clothing, but I guess I also like a little drama in the work room.

I am actually a big Summer Olympics fan, I like the gymnastic (mostly womens) love the indoor and outdoor women's volleyball - (Misty Mays & Kerri Walsh - those gals rock!) some diving and running. I even briefly got into watching the Greco-Roman wrestling when the Russian World Champion lost to the American 2 Olympics ago. I look forward to watching them this year.

eVintage Blog Tag - Bottoms up!

Its Blog Tag Wednesday at the eVintage Society!. Separates are an easy way to add a little vintage to your every day casual wardrobe. Lets talk skirts!

1) Show us your favorite skirt in your inventory!
I bought about 40 skirts out of an estate, where the lady obviously loved this cute a-line style from the late 1950s to early 60s. Because she had the same style skirt made by either Summit or Century, in wool, cotton, and rayon in many different colors. Here are 3 that I still have from that lot. Check out my Skirt Department

2)Favorite skirt length to sell? Mini, knee or maxi, and why?
I like a mid-length skirt. In any style - straight, a-line or full - the midlength always looks good and is always in style.

3)Favorite to wear?
I wear a midlength skirt, to just the knee.

4)Favorite skirt silhouette? Full, circle, pencil, mini, balloon, maxi, etc etc…what look suits you?
I like the look of a pencil skirt. For myself I like an a-line, not too straight, not too full.

5)Thoughts on slips? Some never wear them, some never would be seen without. How crucial is a slip under a skirt?
Whatever makes you comfortable. I don't wear a slip because I like my underwear covered. So I wear pettipants (over my regular underwear) under my skirts and dresses. They are comfortable, block any sheerness and they are secure. In my old retail job, I always wore skirts or dresses. Part of my job was working with moving stock, carrying boxes, climbing shelves, bending, squatting etc. So with pettipants I didn't need to worry about my skirt getting caught up in something or flashing my panties while working. Is that too much information?

Check out the eVintage Blog Tag every Wednesday. Follow the links to read the posts from all of the participating blogs. I was tagged by Vintage Joy and now I'm tagging Diary of a Mad Vintage Addict

She's Here!

Here we are on the ride home, with baby asleep on my lap. I used a pee-pee pad this time, since Boris peed on me on the way home when we went to get him.
(I'm wearing one of my favorite vintage dresses. I wanted to wear a special one to go get her. Whenever I see the jacket that I wore to get Boris it brings back that day)

Look at the big belly! She photographs big, she's actually pretty small, only about 10 pounds.

Waking up and looking around. Are we there yet?

Meeting Boris for the first time.

He sniffed her, and slobbered all over her.

She likes him, although he seems a little afraid of her. She wanted to play with him. He just wanted to sniff. He keeps pushing her and knocking her over. But she handled it well.

Finally we gave them both a break and I took her upstairs for a little nap, and he went to sleep in the kitchen.