Project Runway - Olympic Challenge

This week's challenge was to create an outfit that could be worn to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I don't think many of the designers have seen the opening show, but from what I remember, most of the athletes are in athletic-like clothing, representing their country. This group got the red, white and blue correct, but I think some of them thought it was a cocktail party or something.
Korto won with the outfit to the left. I think the pants were linen? the vest was leathuh. Linen is a bad wrinkley choice. As a regular outfit, it would be nice, but I think it fell short of being an Olympic outfit and I don't think it would be flattering on most atheltic bodies. But I like Korto, so I'm glad that she has a win.

My favorite was probably Kelli, because of the obvious vintage influence. But I don't think it was suitable for the Opening Ceremonies either. I think it's a little too cuties, and there should be a little bit of formality to the outift. I think Terri should have won, because her outfit was sporty and fun, with enough of a slightly formal look and also a comfort look for the athletes to wear. I wish she didn't have that scarf thingy though. The formal jacket looked good with the sporty top and pants. I like Terri's, she seems cool, her designs are good, and I also like her hair. Is that weird? Whenever I see her, I think, Great Hair. Full and wavy/curly.

Jerrell made the outfit below on the left. What Olympics is he designing for? There was alot going on it that outfit and the hat too. Subtract the leggings and it would have been a really cute outfit for regular wear, but not for this challenge.
Next on the right below is Joe's outfit. You know, the straight guy, with 2 children to prove it? Now Joe was going on saying there was too much drama because there were 'Too many Queens' Please Joe, you were the biggest Queen on the show last night complaining and making a big fuss because someone used your sewing machine. Girl.
His outfit was sporty and fun, although the skorts were weird with the longer panel in the front. I think he should have dumped the skorts and used the jacket - which was really nice with the mixed red and blue zipper that he made - with something else, pants maybe.

Daniel, below left - said his dress was inspired by the 1940s. I don't get it. I don't see it. I see a shiny purple cocktail dress. Sometimes he looks cute and sometimes he looks kinda elf-like. He always looks like he's on the verge of a panic attack. He was in the bottom two this week.
Jennifer did the other outfit below. I think that it is cute, but not at all Olympic-like. The judges thought it was another 'matronly' outfit, so Jennifer was out.

I thought I was going to be disappointed in the challenge this week because I thought it was going to be like the skating outfit that they did in Season Two. But the idea of an Olympic Opening Ceremonies uniform was a good one, the designers just didn't get the 'uniform' part. Now how would the USA look with a bunch of athletic Gals marching throught the stadium in Jerrell's outfit? Ralph Lauren is designing the Olympic Uniforms.
Oh, I almost forgot! Stella designed her uniform in leathuh! I guess you probably could have thought of that yourself. She said it was to appeal to the bikers who like the Olympics.
I'm sorry to say that there is not much to talk about besides the clothing this season. I like that the focus is on the clothing, but I guess I also like a little drama in the work room.

I am actually a big Summer Olympics fan, I like the gymnastic (mostly womens) love the indoor and outdoor women's volleyball - (Misty Mays & Kerri Walsh - those gals rock!) some diving and running. I even briefly got into watching the Greco-Roman wrestling when the Russian World Champion lost to the American 2 Olympics ago. I look forward to watching them this year.


David Dust said...

I think some of the designers heard "SPECIAL" Olympics, and not Summer Olympics. "JerHell" in particular.

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


fuzzylizzie said...

Honestly, why didn't Terry win? Why????

As for the others, I thought Leanne should have been in the top 3, and if Kenley had not have had immunity, she would have been hearing Republic of Cocktail (A place I've GOT to visit, btw) cracks.

Jerrell should have been packing his over-designed bags, but I'm sure they just decided that had had enough of the un-surreal surrealism. I just read Jennifer's bio and she says Schiaparelli was one of her design influences. REALLY????

And Daniel says his dress was influenced by 1940s glamour, and what did he design: an early 60s cocktail dress! It showed a total lack of knowledge of the thing he claimed to admire most!

mykaela said...

Those were great designs..for sure it was a tough challenge for the designer to get such ideas..

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