A few ebay listings from Dandelion Vintage

Feeling brave, I pulled a few things from the website and listed them on ebay this week. The above items are listed with no reserve and at opening prices that are lower than what they were listed for on the website. Auctions end Tuesday & Wednesday.


And in case you didn't know, I have a shop on etsy too. Mostly vintage patterns with small vintage accessories and some vintage clothing too.

Desiree looks great in her super-bargain $1.00 patchwork dress that she bought from the Super bargain page at Dandelion Vintage!

Desiree looks great in her super-bargain $1.00 patchwork dress that she bought from the Super bargain page at Dandelion Vintage!

See the post from her blog about her fabulous  Patched Up outfit.
And Check out her very cool vintage clothing related style blog here - http://pullyoursoxup.blogspot.com/

Check out the Sale pages at Dandelion Vintage -

***$1.00 sale items - not much left, but still a few little goodies.

*** Under $20 Vintage Dresses - 2 pages of reduced dresses, all $20 and less

*** All Skirts Marked down to $5.00! - this is a slow selling department for me, so I'm clearing these skirts out of here.

*** $5.00 Sale Hats - select hats have been marked down to $5.00

I've been shopping in time again

You know that I love old mail order clothing catalog, Bellas Hess is probably my favorite. I went through and few 1930s issues today and did some scans of items that I covet. New scanner, set at too low of a DPI, so the photos aren't the best and I was too lazy to rescan them all.

All three please, because I really do need one for going places and two for doing things.

The best tennis dress ever. I don't play, but I might take it up if I could play in this dress.

Below, I like the 1st one and the 4th one with the polo ponies. $1 each!

Another dress to feed my sailor-nautical-look obsession.

Swimsuits. Just give me them all. I don't care if they are wool. I'll wear them in the Winter over opaque tights with a trench coat if I have to.


Pants. Again, I'll take them all. I love the hi-waisted, wide legged sailor style of these pants, but I could never pull them off. First, I'm short. Secondly, I cannot stand anything across my tummy. Around the house my jeans are always unzipped when I sit even though they aren't tight jean. I just don't like anything close fitting above my navel. I cut the front of my pantyhose too so that they don't touch my tummy. I'm just weird that way.
But all the same, I love the look of these pants. And the overalls and the pain that they would be to go to the bathroom in.

These are actually pajamas, bu I'd be wearing them out. Again, sailor. Wide legs. Love it.

Lingerie from Dandelion Vintage in 'Caberet' production

Some lingerie from Dandelion Vintage is making it's stage debut in this production of - 'Caberet' - now running through  March 27 at the John W. Engeman Theater, 250 Main Street, Northport NY.
Information: (631) 261-2900 or http://www.engemantheater.com/

The show was reviewed in the NY Times - Raunchy and Vibrant, With Nazis Looming
You should go check it out if you can!

Costumer Gail Baldoni bought a bra, a silk camisole and tap pants from the web shop. I think that's the tap pants on the girl in the front. Very cool!