And the winner of the Vintage Goodies giveaway is . . .

Twila Jean!
Check out her blog The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife
and her etsy shop - Exquisite Bones

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the drawing. Keep a watch for another Vintage Goodies Giveaway!

Boris & Harlow portrait - Progress photos

I'm having a portrait of Boris & Harlow painted as a Christmas present for my parents. I chose Stephanie at 'Clarity Art & Design'. She works from etsy -
and her own website -

This image is the photo that I want painted and below are the first 4 progress photos that Stephanie sent me.

Cool, cool, cool. I love it so far! I'm going to be so excited when I get this, I'll probably give it to my parents right away, because I won't be able to wait until Christmas! Stephanie is very easy to work with and is open to suggestions. I thought that Boris' eyes were a little too close and she is working on adjusting them.

Here is the latest progress photo from today -
You can see that more detail is going into their faces now and she is going to move Boris' left eye a little more to the left next.

Some more photos of my room. I just moved my bed away from the window, because of the approaching cold weather. Of course I had to move everything else in the room too. I actually ended up moving a piece into the room, because I somehow ended up with more space.
To the left is a nook in my room next to the closet. I moved my wicker desk over there and the chair that no one sits in. Actually 2 of my boudoir dolls sit in the chair, see them below. 
Stack of vintage hatboxes and a very cool Vogart embroidered/stamped garment bag.

Here is a closer view of two of my boudoir dolls. I made the clothing for both, using vintage fabrics. I also replaced their hair with old mohair too. On their laps is a smaller boudoir doll.
Below, a desk behind the bedroom door houses some glassware and other vintage goodies, and hides a bunch of papers and junk. .

The white shelf below is the piece that I ended up moving into the bedroom, previously it was out in the hallway. It's just another catch-all for vintage stuff. Lastly is a very cool Oriental Lady paint-by-numbers. That just sets on my nightstand, behind the alarm clock.

I hope my money is dry

I found this photo online, from one of the local newspapers covering the recent flooding they had at the Shore last weekend. I live on the mainland, but my bank is in Ocean City, which is one of the barrier island hit with flooding. That's my bank in the photo there with about a foot of water in the street. This area is usually safe from flooding, but this storm brought water in everywhere. I heard yesterday that the WaWa on the next block from the bank ended up with 8 inches of water inside and they are still closed. The water has gone now, Thankfully, and the towns are left to clean-up.

Vintage Goodies giveaway!

Time for a Giveaway!
Anyone can sign up for the giveaway by posting a comment below (include your contact info) or by sending me an email at

A winner will be chosen - 11/23

This giveaway is another 'Little Vintage Goodies in a Hatbox'.
It includes everything shown in the photo to the left here, and it is all vintage stuff.

It includes - 1 Velvet hat, ivory cotton crochet sz7 gloves, a very cool gold striped hatbox with clear plastic sides -

A black fabric clutch purse with fancy closure, two very pretty embroidered hankies and some vintage photos -

Also a cute pink gingham apron with cross stitched hearts, a 1960s Vanity Fair nylon slip, size medium with pretty lace. A red and white crochet doily, a group of plastic buttons and fun novelty promotional swimsuit gal comb from the 1960s (never used, in original holder)

Joan Paper Doll - Season 3

Joan Paper Doll - Season 3
Originally uploaded by Dyna Moe
Great fun! Get your own 'Joan' from Mad Men Paperdolls, one set for each season. Season 3 features the 'Lawnmower Dress'!

"Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau"

Let me introduce you to a new magazine that I just received this week - "Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau" From their Facebook page - "Coming Fall 2009, Zelda is a new publication for aficionados of early 20th century culture! Photography, fashion, arts, illustration, music, cocktails, social events, and special features : Zelda includes pieces on both vintage subjects as well as contemporary culture in the style of vintage. Created by Diane Naegel, proprietress of Wit's End in NYC ( ) , Zelda will be published biannually and will launch in Fall 2009!"
It is a small format magazine, 52 pages, very nice quality paper, nice clear color photos. It is not exclusively about vintage clothing, it's about all things vintage including arts, lifestyle, events etc. Interesting stories, I really enjoyed this first issue and I look forward to more!

The Zelda Magazine is currently being printed twice a year in Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer issues, and in 2500  copy runs. It's being distributed a vintage events and select bookstores.

Visit their webpage to order, and join their Facebook page -