My vintage sweaters

I've mentioned before that I need to see all of my purses and shoes, otherwise I end up using/wearing  the same few shoes or purses all the time, while others are neglected in the back of the closet. To make sure that none are neglected, all of my purses hang on the wall and all of my shoes are out on the floor in a spare bedroom. 
I guess that  I'm the same with my sweaters, I grab the same usual comfortable sweater (usually black) and wear it all the time. The solution to add variety to my wardrobe was to get them all out for me to see like the bags and shoes. So I have them tiered from over-the-door hooks on the outside of the bathroom and bedroom doors.
Here is a peek at most of my own vintage sweaters, a few stranglers are hanging on a rack where I have some outfits pulled ahead of time to wear. These are all buttonfront sweaters, I only have a few pullover sweaters. I don't know, I just don't buy/wear them very much.
I still have my go-to favorites, but seeing all my sweaters out at once gets me to wear some that might get neglected otherwise.

I was so happy with how well my new stockings matched the stripe in my skirt . . .

 . . .  that I had to take some photos and blog about them! (dork) I bought the stockings randomly on Sock Dreams because I loved the design in the knit. Turns out that they are a perfect match for the green stripes in this 1960s skirt. The stockings fit great and they stay up well on their own.

The rest of the outfit included a heather brown short sleeved sweater from a 1940s sweater set, and a 1960s lacey knit cardigan. The shoes are 1990-2000s-ish I think.

Sock Dreams was having a sale, and I had some Christmas money so . . .

I went shopping! I got two pairs of opaque tights and the others are over the knee or thigh highs. Love them.  Now to build an outfit around each pair, the peachy floral pair will probably be the hardest, I don't know if I have anything those colors.

Mystery item - Beach Pajamas, costume, uniform? College pennant novelty print

I picked up this piece a little over a year ago at a local estate sale. It was tossed in a box of vintage costumes. The novelty print caught my eye - College pennants. Cool. When I got it home, I realized that it was a one piece beach pajama - double cool because I love 1930s pajamas. I assumed it was a handmade piece, but then I found the 'Sa Se Maid Brand' label inside the shoulder. Hmmmm. A uniform made like a beach pajama with College names fabric? I wonder what it was used for?

Unfortunately it is only in fair condition. It has some stains and the dark colors have all run in the cotton fabric.