She's Here!

Here we are on the ride home, with baby asleep on my lap. I used a pee-pee pad this time, since Boris peed on me on the way home when we went to get him.
(I'm wearing one of my favorite vintage dresses. I wanted to wear a special one to go get her. Whenever I see the jacket that I wore to get Boris it brings back that day)

Look at the big belly! She photographs big, she's actually pretty small, only about 10 pounds.

Waking up and looking around. Are we there yet?

Meeting Boris for the first time.

He sniffed her, and slobbered all over her.

She likes him, although he seems a little afraid of her. She wanted to play with him. He just wanted to sniff. He keeps pushing her and knocking her over. But she handled it well.

Finally we gave them both a break and I took her upstairs for a little nap, and he went to sleep in the kitchen.


Starburst*Vintage/Minnesota Extra said...

So cute!! I love puppies so much!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new puppy! What a cutie.