Project Runway - Nightlife Photos

Idea man #1 - "OK, we need to think of a new challenge for the designers" Idea man #2 - "I know, let's send them out with cameras to take photos of stuff, and then have them make an outfit - get this - inspired by the photo!"
Idea Man #3 - "No we did that already in season 2. Remember, graffiti, gutter water, a flower, traffic signs, Paris Hilton & her boyfriend in Greece . . . "
Idea man #2 - "oh, yeah"
Idea man #4 - "hey, I know, how about we have them take photos AT NIGHT?"
Idea man #1 - "Brilliant, good thinking"
Idea man #3 - "Groundbreaking, very innovative idea"
Idea Man #2 - "Why didn't I think of that?"

So this week's challenge sent the designers out at night, in glamorous rain ponchos in one of those city tour buses. It took them to locations in NYC, where they had to take photos that capture the feel of NYC nightlife. Then they had to create an outfit for a night out on the town inspired by one of the photos.

Kinda-Vintage gal Kenley won with the above dress, which was inspired by a colorful ceramic tile. While it's not something that I would wear, there was something striking about it. The tropical-like print was inspired by the tile, although the colors looked very different to me. I am amazed that she managed to wrestle the layers of different colored tulle into a shape that was even/equal with the fabric side of the skirt.

Below are my favorite three, in no order.
1st was a dress by Leanne who made a great comeback from last week's tragic overdone dress. The skirt was really pieced amazingly (of course Bravo's photos are too dark to see any detail) The top was simple but sweet and flirty. Her inspiration was a spiral metal planter.

Next was from Kelli. I think that I like it, I guess I can't commit for sure, because the photo isn't good and of course the runway show is so fast that you can't get a close look at the clothing. It looks very interesting and I'd like to see what is going on there. Her inspiration was a black and silver fire hydrant.

Lastly was a one piece pantsuit by Korto. It looks very chic and comfortable, but we got no details or insight while she was making the outfit. I think it was a halter with an open back. I don't know what her inspiration was.

Below -
Terri's dress over pants was inspired by graffiti and stickers. The dress was backless. Everone loved it. I think it looks a little frumpy from the front, alot of print fabric. But I liked it. Michael Kors remarked that he loved dresses over pants. I remember him telling Kara Saun that he was tired of seeing dresses over pants, way back in Season one. I guess they are back in now.
Jennifer was in the bottom two with her blue satin dress, inspired by a clock. Daniel remarked that it looked like some out of style vintage dress that no one wanted to wear. It wasn't horrible, but something was off on it. Maybe if she had more time to add some more of the clock details on the white bands.

Emily Strange was out this week, with her ruffled dress that was inspired by moving street lights. Blayne's ruffled extravaganza was similar to Emily's dress, but somehow he wasn't in the bottom 3.
Keith from the Salt Lake Hood made a dress inspired by a wet magazine on the ground. He covered his shapeless dress with squares of different print fabric. Oompa Kors remarked that it looked like shreaded toilet paper. I thought Keith was being set up to be the ne out. Because we learned about his background, and heard several times how great of a designer he was. Seemed like the classic Project Runwat set-up for an auffing. But I was wrong.

Sandra Bernhard was the guest judge. I like her, I like her sense of humor. But, why was she the judge? She's not known for having a great sense of style. As far as I know she's not a big fashion fan. Maybe she's just a fan of the show. I think they could have gotten someone more relatable with fashion to be a judge.

Three episodes in, and I'm not sure how to judge this current group. Some of them have some way-out design ideas, maybe because they are a younger crowd. There aren't any real standout personalities in the group either - good or bad. Blayne is a little pesky knat. How cringe-ingly embarrassing was it when he was getting Tim to say 'Holla at cha boy'? (shudder) Please Tim, do not say that again. Stick to what you know. We love your high brow phrases, you don't need to add any street lingo to your vocabulary.
I like Stella, I think she's cool, but other people seem to be bothered by her. Oh, by the way, she got to work with her beloved leathuh this week. Her inspiration was a studded leathuh harness on a horse. I like all of the girls actually. Suede was overworking the 3rd person talk again. We hardly see any of Joe - the token straight guy, and Jerell. But then again, we did learn that Jerell sleeps in a mud mask.

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fuzzylizzie said...

It does seem like they have run out of challenge ideas, doesn't it? Personally, I loved Leanne's skirt best.

I think the first 4 or 5 shows need to be longer than an hour, as it is impossible to see what everyone is working on in so short a time.


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