My next project will be the spare bedroom/dressing room

My next project will be the spare bedroom/dressing room. It's a corner room, nice and bright with a window on each side. The walls are a bright blue right now and there is a beat up mauve carpet in there. I chose a pale green to paint the walls. First it looked kind of yellow on the blue and it dried a little lighter than what I wanted, but I'll make it work. The carpet might be a problem until I get some extra money, I might have to work around it for a while.
There will be 2 mirrored dresses, a make-up table and a marble top table, all antique. The bed is a metal 1930s painted headboard that came from my grandmother.
Since there are only 2 small closets in the apartment, I'll be using this as my dressing room. I have an old coat rack with two shelves across the top and I'll hang my clothing on it, and on brackets on the back of the 2 doors. I'll have plenty of drawer space. I'll be hanging all of my vintage purses on the wall, I'm not sure yet how I'll set up my shoes.

These 3 photos are of the room right before I started painting - after photos to follow.

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