Project Runway - Chris & SweetP

So last night was the semi-season finale of Project Runway where Rami and Chris got to show their 3 strongest pieces for the judges, to decide who should go to fashion week. Rami won, deservingly so, because I do think his clothes are more marketable than Chris. But I think they should have sent both to the finals because I think Chris has some very interesting ideas in fashion. But it's not that bad really, because Chris as well as SweetP both did get to show their collections at Fashion Week. That's because in 4 seasons, the producers still haven't figured out how to line up the shows with Fashion Week so that the final 3 won't be spoiled in the Fashion Week press before the actual show airs on TV. Hopefully the exposure that SweetP & Chris receive at Fashion Week will help out both of their futures. We find out the winner of Project Runway next week.

Here are 3 of the outfits from SweetP's runway collection at Fashion Week. These were my faves of the 12 presented. The 2nd one being my favorite of all because I like the colors and the print and it's a cute little dress, which is what I think SweetP is really good at. I hope she does well on her own and I'd like to see more of her designs.

You can see the rest of SweetP's Collection Here

Next are my favorite of Chris's designs from Fashion Week. His collection was surprising, it was dark and goth-like with lots of black, dark blue and dark red. What looked like monkey fur when I first saw it turned out to be human hair, strips of hair extensions that people normally put in their hair. Now at first, I was kind of grossed out, because somehow human hair seems dirtier than monkey fur to me (yeah, weird I know. Of course it's been cleaned) but after thinking about it being used in people's weaves and wigs and in Victorian Hair Art, and reading other's opinions, the hair doesn't seem as strange to me now. But I still don't see why he didn't use synthetic hair, wouldn't that hold up better?
The outfit at the top of this post was one that he showed the judges last night. Not only was it trimmed with the hair extensions, the skirt was made with rows and rows of safety pins. Chris said it took 8 hours to make each row. The effect was amazing and I have to say, that shiny hair looked really amazing coming down the runway. The judges thought his pieces were too dramatic and over the top. But what about Christian? That boy is way over the top and that's what they love about him. Also, Christian had to try on several of Chris' pieces last night which was kinda funny. And Tim called Christian 'Sweetheart', which was so sweet, and he blew Chris a kiss when Chris got the boot at the end. I Love Tim. I know, you do too.

You can see the rest of Chris' Collection Here

My choice for the big winner? Well, it's easy to say that it's going to be either Christian or Jillian. It depends on what the judges are looking for. For more marketable clothing they will go with Jillian, for innovation and personality they'll go with Christian. Christian def has a bright future in fashion and Project Runway would be foolish not to latch onto him on his way up.


haireality said...

I didnt think Chris' collection was over the top or gross. he was just not the designated winner, IMO.

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