Memorial Day weekend

Such a nice weekend. Usually the weather is crappy on Memorial Day but the weather this year was very nice. I went to the Shore Friday afternoon with Boris and Harlow. They stayed with me until Sunday morning. They love their walks! Then Sunday and Monday were all to myself! 

Here are a few photos that I snapped this weekend -

The cottage at night.

The porch on the big house. I bought new cushions this year - what a pain. Kmart was out of stock, so I ordered them online, then two of the styles that I ordered online were out of stock, but they charged me anyway and I'm still waiting for a credit. Then I had to reorder the cushions in a different thickness. Anyway, they finally all arrived, all matching and they look great.

Harlow in the cottage, moondog eyes and then barely able to stay awake.

Some pretty flowers in my windowbox -

And I can't wait for my hydrangeas to bloom, the bushes are huge this year, and full of alot of blooms -


Morbidda Destiny said...

Wow, that porch is amazing. It's my dream to have a porch like that. I'm from NJ as well, (living in London now though). Where in NJ is the porch house?

The Vintage Hair Chick said...

Also living at the Jersey Shore, my hydrangeas are also doing amazing, I have been running out every morning hoping to see flowers! It's the small things that make me happy! Lorixo