Hydrangeas and used books

You know that I love my hydrangeas, and they are starting to bloom this week. Here are two bunches that I cut for the cottage. So pretty. They make me happy.

Last week the Strathmere Library had their book sale. I didn't get there until the last day of the sale,  so everything was kinda picked over, but they were clearing out what was left for $2.00 a bag. I only got 5 books to buy including Eve Arden's autobiography (love her) an Ellery Queen mystery book from the 1940s, a collection of mysteries, 'A Play of Lords' is also a mystery. Plus one of the ladies knows that I love Jane Austen, so she set aside a Jane Austen related book for me 'The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen', plus I checked out 'Mr. Darcy's Daughters' which one of the other ladies pulled for me too.
I just finished Darcy's Daughters, it was a good read, predictable, 'borrowed' story lines from real Jane Austen books - except they didn't mention 'sodomites' and foot fetishes in real Austen books! It was a good  casual Summer read though.

It's Harlow's 2nd birthday! This photo was taken when she was just 2 days old!


Cranberry Morning said...

Cute pic! So that's what a baby bulldog looks like?

Cranberry Morning said...

Sorry, I got so distracted by the puppy that I forgot to congratulate you on the book finds! I love Eve Arden too!

Metro Retro Vintage said...

Awwww -- so sweet! :)