What should I call my fruity drink?

I'm not a drinker. I don't go out anywhere to drink, but given the opportunity, which is very, very rare, I will have a drink. I like it. I've gotten a few bottles of wine as gifts over the years and we do have a bottle of whiskey that's been sitting around for years that I have a shot of in my tea once in a while, usually during the Winter. .You will be amazed to find out that this is the first bottle of booze that I have ever bought. I'm 43 years old.
Last year some friends went on vacation and as gifts, they brought back mini samplers of fruit flavored Bacardi Rums (I think they toured the place where it was made) So last Summer, in the cottage, I had fun making up drinks with my tiny bottles of rum. Most were misses, a few were good. The watermelon rum was very good. So much so, that this Summer I went out (I got my dad to take me to the liquor store because I've never shopped in one before and I don't like going to places that I'm unfamiliar with - right about now you are realizing what a wacko I am, right?) and I bought a whole bottle of the Watermelon Bacardi Rum.

So here is the winning drink that I made up, the one that is going to turn me into a Summertime lush.
Fill a glass with watermelon, strawberries and bananas. Give it a shot of Bacardi Watermelon Rum, and fill the rest with 7-Up. Yummy. Spiked fruit salad really. Drink it and eat it with a spoon. Very refreshing on a hot day.


leendaluu said...

I think you came up with the name yourself... Summa-lush

Cranberry Morning said...

Good luck with trying to get anything done this summer, sipping your little watermelon rum slushies. We'll all know where you are if you don't show up on Blogger. ;-) haha

Porcelina said...

I think you came up with the name already too - Spiked Fruit Salad!
Miss P xx

Lucille Loren said...

Pink Lady x Lucy

Anonymous said...

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