Some recent vintage dress purchases for me!

Here are 5 dresses that I recently added to my Summer wardrobe, all bought on ebay - there are still good buys to be had on ebay.
If you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen a few of these.
*First, the plaid, awesome! Chartruese, red, grey and orange. I've already worn that dress and I loved wearing it! Lots of fun.
*Next is a very bright yellow dress with pleated bust and buttons all the way down the front. It's very fitted through the waist so I'm waiting for a skinny day to wear it, so that it doesn't feel snug. It's a really bright color for me to get used to wearing.
*Next is a gingham dress that is very similar to a dress that I listed for sale on the website. It's exactly the same actually, except this one has tiny pink flowers in the gingham.
*The blue striped one just came in the mail Wednesday and I'll probably wear it on Sunday. Very cool dress.
*The red sundress came in the mail on Monday, I washed it and hung it out to dry that night. Tuesday morning I hemmed it and wore it to my part time job at 9AM! That was another fun dress to wear and another different color for me, I don't wear much red.

These dresses make it look like it's going to be a great Summer!


Moni said...


Bethany said...

They are all so great - Love that red dress especially!

Lucille Loren said...

Second that! I love the red too! x Lucy

Bonita said...

What a nice selection of dresses! I would love to peek in your closet...I'm slowly building up my summer wardrobe -- thanks to you so far! This is my first year starting to wear vintage. I have always admired it, but this year I vowed to start actively searching for some pieces. I immediately notice the difference in quality between new and vintage and always get plenty of compliments when out and about. Your selection here is just beautiful!