'The Time Traveling Fashionista' - a book review and giveaway

I was given the chance to read and review a new book -  'The Time Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky - which is due to be published April 5th.

It's the story of Louise, a 12 year old girl from Connecticut. She loves vintage clothing, even though her Mother, her best friend and the kids at school don't get her interest in old used clothing. She studies vintage fashions and designers and she dreams of filling her closet with fabulous vintage pieces and living a glamorous life some day.

One day she receives a mysterious invitation to a 'Traveling Fashionista Vintage Sale'. She thinks that it will be the perfect chance to find a dress to wear to the upcoming school dance.
She goes to the address on the invite, which takes her to a dark old dusty shop, and the only people there are the two odd and mysterious old ladies who own the shop -  Marla and  Glenda.
She chooses a beautiful bright pink gown to try on - Marla and Glenda are a little nervous about her putting on the dress (which smells oddly like the ocean) asking if she is sure she wants to do this.

Louise puts on the dress, and then she passes out. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the year 1912, and she is in the body of 17 year old actress Alice Baxter, who is traveling across the Atlantic in a luxury ship. She tries to fit in with the wealthy and famous passengers who all think that she is the famous Alice Baxter. She dresses up in Alice's beautiful clothing (and tight laced corsets) and finds out that the pink gown which brought her back in time was a 'Lucille' - made specially for Alice, and that it's designer Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon and her husband are on board the ship. Then of course Louise/Alice finds out that she's on the Titanic and panics, trying to warn passengers and the captain of the danger ahead.

How will she get home? Will she go down with the ship? Will anyone believe that the Titanic will sink? Why are Marla and Glenda also on the ship and who exactly are they? Should she go to the dance with Todd?

This was a fun book, a nice casual read. It is aimed at young adult readers, but I think that it could be enjoyed by any vintage clothing lover like me. Fabrics, descriptions of clothing details, designer names and historical names are mentioned, which are relateable and enjoyable. Even descriptions of the Titanic are recognizable. At first I thought - 'I've already been on the Titanic' - but this book is fun and  more lighthearted than the movie. Another thing that I enjoyed were the pretty illustrations in the book done by Sandra Suy (I like pretty pictures in books) I liked Louise and her love of vintage. Oh, I hated Dr.Hastings, I wanted her to kick him!

This is Bianca Turetsky's first book and it looks like it will be the first in a series of the Time Traveling Fashionista. Cool. I look forward to reading more vintage adventures.

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Book Giveaway!
The book was sent to me to read and to review if I chose to (I was not paid to review it) I did enjoy it, and now I am going to pass the book on to someone else to enjoy.
Leave a comment to enter to win the book. A winner will be chosen from entrants here and on the Vintage Bulletin - on March 17th!

***UPDATE! Thanks to everyone who entered. The winner is Jenny B.


Unknown said...

Oh it sounds like a lovely book. (:
You can never go wrong when there is vintage clothing and style mixed into a story!

Porcelina said...

Count me in please!
I'll need a new light-hearted read after I've finished the blood-thirsty '50s detective novel I'm on at the moment!

Miss P xx

Unknown said...

This sounds like a great book and I would love a chance to read it.


Unknown said...

sounds like a really good book. Please can I be entered

ClubVintageFashions said...

This sounds like a wonderful book for a vintage lover like me! I also know of several girls who would enjoy reading it at the Jr/Sr high school where I work. I would love to be included in the givaway.
Cat@Club Vintage Fashions & More

Mint Palace said...

Count me in! Sounds like a fun story especially with the vintage details and I'm totally loving that era right now!! :)

juvee calica said...

Hi I hope you can include me. I love to read books and I love to dress too:)

Dakota said...

Oh how neat-- a book featuring vintage sounds right up my alley. I'd love to read it if only for the descriptions of clothes, though it sounds like a sweet story. Count me in for the giveaway!!

Bauhausgirl said...

The book sounds inspiring, please count me in!

voguevintage said...

Sounds interesting, I would love to read this!