Fun Vintage Folk Art Piece - Toilet Cigarette Dispenser and ashtray

Here is a fun vintage item that I am selling for my Dad. It just went up on the website this week along with some Homer Lauglin and Roseville pottery, and a Tramp Art Box -

Fun handmade cigarette dispenser and ashtray. I'm guessing that it is from the 1920s-1940s. It can set on a table and it also has a hole drilled in the top for hanging it. Very cool. One of a kind Folk Art item.

Nicely aged wood that was originally a dark red. Has bathroom grid lines behind toilet. The top opens, and you put your cigarettes inside.

When you pull the string a piece of metal inside the upper box pushes a cigarette out the side.

The pretty pottie is a Fire King Oven Bowl with fancy design on it. Looks like it was painted white.