My Mom Made This - A Miniature Humpback Trunk for a Dollhouse

Before my Mom had a stroke 20 years ago, she used to sew, craft, build stuff, refinish furniture. Make, paint and clothe porcelain dolls, and make little things like dollhouse furniture. This little trunk is one of the dollhouse pieces that she made.

She made this trunk from scratch, it's about 3x4 inches. No kit, no pattern, no instructions. She just copied one of the antique trunks that we had. She used balsawood to make the trunk, wetting and bending the top and top trims. She covered the trunk with textured paper, painted black with gold rub-n-buff on the raised designs.

The hinges on the back are real hinges and all the other gold details are some type of fancy little paper trims.

She lined the trunk with dollhouse paper that is copied from old Sears catalogs. The trunk has an insert tray too, just like a real sized one. She made the magazines and the box of crayons too.

She found jewelry charms to represent what you would find inside of real trunk.

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Cranberry Morning said...

That is the most beautiful thing. Aren't you grateful to have that sample of her creativity! Thanks for sharing it with us.