Little Collections - Vintage Fabric Purses and Sewing Bags

I love these vintage bags.
Some were intended to be used as sewing bags, some as purses. You could buy the wooden handles and use whatever fabric you wanted to make the bag. I think that most of them are from the 1940s, at least the fabrics are anyway. I guess I love them because I just love vintage fabrics - cottons and barkcloths, the rich colors and the textures.
They are nice and roomy bags too, but everything kind of jumbles around inside of them since they are soft bodied bags and they have no inner sections.

You know that I love greens, and this is a pretty teal-green floral bag - and look at the yellow lining below - I almost like that more than the green. It's not reversable though. I tried. The seams show.

The bag below -  I had the set of handles and I used some 1950s fabric to make the purse myself. It looked like the fabric was originally going to be made into an apron, there's a pocket already sewn onto it. I used muslin for a lining.

I love this one. Thank you whoever made this sweet purse! The big wooden disks have decopauged flowers - pansies on one side and daffodils on the other. I love the grey and yellow stripes of the cotton.

This one was definately a sewing bag and I haven't carried yet because the little hand spot in the handle is kind of small. I love the deep tones of the wood and the tapestry fabric.

This one is a 1940s cotton, pink tropical flowers on grey. It's a little different from the others, but the concept of the bag is the same. I love the dowels and the fact that they have green balls on the ends. Green.

These two are my faves and the ones that I carry the most. I love the rich tones of the 1940s cotton twills.  The black one was one that I made too using the vintage handles and vintage fabric. I had the extra set of handles and the vintage fabric was originally a bureau scarf with muslin backing. It was exactly the right width of the handle. I only had to stitch up the sides and sew it onto the wooden handles.


Loves the colors in the florals


BaronessVonVintage said...

hehe!! I just did an outfit post showcasing one of these types of beauties. Wonder if mine is actually fr. the 40s, too? For some reason, I thought 30s for mine b/c of colours, etc. Anyway, that pansy one and the one with the green ball ends are WOW!! Fantastic!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

They could be a little older. I love the handle on your bag, easier to get up on the arm!

Cranberry Morning said...

These are great bags! I love the idea of re-creating a bag from the 30s or 40s!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

These are vintage bags, made in the 1940s. Only two of them were made by me, with real 40s fabric and wooden handles.

Maria Adna said...

Very beautiful bags!