Some vintage goodies for me . . .

Today I made a large vintage stock purchase for the website, and here are some goodies that I kept for myself!
In the background, you can see a section of Yo-Yos that was either the start of a quilt, or  a dresser scarf.I'm going to put in over the trunk at the bottom of my bed. I also snagged a large black tapestry purse, an old embroidered velvet box and a sachet.

Here is a closer look at the velvet box with embroidered top. Has a silk lining too. Excellent condition. Very sweet.

And a closer look at the crochet and satin sachet and some of the cool fabrics in the Y-Yo piece.

Then there is a sweet embroidered linen Bermuda bag and a grey knit wool purse, and a fabulous 1940s sweater with a beaded design. I also grabbed a black dress for myself, but I need to try that on first.