I love my boots, and my Sock Dreams socks

I wore my new boots 3 times this week, oh yeah, I'm going to totally wear them out.
This was today.
I wore my fabulous boots with Over The Knees from Sock Dreams - http://www.sockdreams.com/ - which I also love very much. Sock Dreams is awesome, there are about 20 different pairs of socks that I'd love to buy. I've never been a big fan of socks, but I think that I have seen the light, I have been saved. I have found salvation in Sock Dreams socks. So cool.

Wearing a dress in the Winter doesn't hurt so much with cool boots and warm Over the Knee socks. I'm short, so the socks actually come up mid-thigh. They stay up  well and they're very warm and comfy. (No, Sock Dreams is not paying me or giving me free stuff to sing their praises)