American Hairdresser 1946 - Transitional haircut

I have a copy of American Hairdresser from May 1946. Last year I gave myself the 'Transitional Haircut' from this magazine, and I posted a small scan of the image here on the blog. Since then I've been trying to grow my hair out. An unrealistic dream, because long hair doesn't look good on my long, narrow face and my long nose just looks longer as my hair grows longer.
So this weekend I gave myself this haircut again. And again I'm very happy with the results. I'm sure it's a cut that is probably still done in salons today. It's a nice layered style. Makes my hair look fuller - I have fine hair, but alot of it, and it tends to be flat. Takes a curl nicely and should be easy to work into some of the styles from the vintage hairstyle book that I bought recently (see previous post)

I have a weird rule about not posting pics of myself online (I don't want to destroy the mystery) but I had a request from a friend for a scan of the page from the hairstyling book that I used for the cut. So here you go, both pages. I tried to scan them big, in case anyone wanted to print them out.