Adrian Fringed gown (not mine, darn) and other stuff

Really a fabulous, one of a kind find on ebay this week that you should go now and drool over - Vintage 40's Gilbert Adrian Draped Fringe Dress Gown - listed by damafortuna. Several years ago, I bought a Tina Leser dressing gown from damafortuna, and it has a wardrobe label inside for 'J. Fontaine' I never did find out if the gown was actually worn by Miss Fontaine in any of her movies. I'll have to pull it out and try doing research on it again.

Next, submitted for your oggling, drooling, envying pleasure is a 'GORGEOUS Rare UNBELIEVABLE Beautiful MIND BLOWING!' Floral IRENE LENTZ Vintage 50s Cocktail SWING Coat M - available with a BIN price from lucitebox. Wow, I love the print and look at the seaming on the back! I wish I had the occasion to wear something like this.

Like Adrian, Irene was also a designer for MGM movie studios. Adrian was there during the 1930s and Irene for most of the 1940s. How about that, I didn't even plan that MGM connection, I just chose 2 items that I liked and they turned out to be vaguely related. I'm sure that I mentioned this before, but if you love looking at clothing in old movies, a nice reference book for the wardobe designers of old movies is Costume Design in the Movies

I'd love to own something worn by Myrna Loy. Something 1930s to mid 1940s. It doesn't even have to be a glamour gown. It could be a little suit or even a cute sweater and skirt outfit, whatever. I'll take it.

Now, I refrain from talking about the way other women look. I don't like to talk about someone's appearance or weight or anything, because I wouldn't want anyone to talk about me that way. But this photo, just struck me as so creepy, I gotta post it. Both gals are very pretty in their own way. But don't they look like mannquins in this photo? I mean really. Posh looks very robotic and Dita is very - white.


Julie The Zaftig Goddess said...

That is one freaky picture.
Posh and Dita are just such extreme opposites.

Lovin' on that Adrian.

What did you think of the end of Dr Who season3 and was not the "Blink" episode not made of awesome?

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Doctor Who was so awesome. From Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Blink and the last 3 episodes. Great stories and loved Ten in all of them. I'm sad to see John Simm go, maybe he can come back somehow. He played Raskolnikov in a version of Crime & Punishment a few years ago that was really good. Loved Captain Jack too! Gosh he's handsome.

I like Martha sooooo much better than Rose. I hear Catherine Tate is coming back and I liked her too.

Julie The Zaftig Goddess said...

Martha Jones, saving the world.
Gosh, I'll miss her.

And yes, I was kinda hoping The Master would just hang out on the Tardis for the rest of time. Me luvs some John Simms.

The end of Family of Blood when The Dr holds the watch and sees what "would have been" just makes me weep every time (I'd already seen the season on youtube) I watch it.
So sad.....

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I'll miss Martha too. I thought Rose was just annoying sometimes. When the world was being destroyed by those little globes, I thought for a second, 'where's Jackie?' like shouldn't she be running around screaming, but then I remembered that she's in a parallel universe!

Now, if only Heroes would pick up a little. I'm not sure I like some of the storylines over there especially Peter's story.

miss vintage love said...

Ugh, they are both very creepy looking. So artificial.
Myrna on the other hand, well she's drop dead gorgeous.

Bits said...

That Adrian gown is amazing. I had no idea they were worth so much. Posh is a robot!

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