A photo of my great-great grandmother Jennie Hall Folwell Brazier

How cool is this? Someone who is a distant relative contacted me through ancestry.com because we had relatives in common. Her great grandmother Jennie is my great-great grandmother.
She and my mother are the same age. Her grandmother was known in my family as Aunt Eva, and Eva was my great grandfather's half sister.

She sent me this fabulous photo taken in 1887 of my great-great grandmother Jennie Hall. With her is her first husband James Folwell. The lady who contacted me is a descendant of James Folwell and Jennie. James was committed to a mental institute sometime before 1900, and Jennie then married Joseph Brazier and that's where my family line picks up - my great-grandfather John was their son.

Cool. What's really amazing is that my grandmother Mary and her sisters look so much like Jennie. They all have these deep, circled eyes just like her.


Nancy said...

That is so neat! Congratulations on a receiving a great piece of your family history. I want her dress.

Ciciolina said...

very good ..
it's interesting for me, thank you .

Meghan said...

I came across your blog while researching my family history (which is related to yours). I am also a descendant of James and Jennie Folwell through their daughter, Myrtle. Please contact me so we can share information?