More geneaology intrigue -

 My great-great-grandmother Jennie Hall was married to James Holwell before she married my great-great-grandfather. She and James had 4 daughters. I just assumed that the first husband had died and then she remarried. But looking at censuses online, it turns out that James was committed to the Camden County Insane Asylum around 1900 and was there at least through the 1930s census, he probably died there. The place is known as Lakeland and it always scared me to drive through there when I was a kid. When I worked at the Rag Shop, I drove through there every day to get to work, my fear long gone by then. It's a group of old buildings that I believe are mainly used for juveniles and drug rehab now.

Another interesting thing about James ending up at Lakeland, his brother Eli was also there for all that time. Two brothers sent to an asylum? I wonder what the story is there?!
Jennie then married Joseph Brazier and had my great-grandfather and his sister. Funny how something can happen and then change or create a whole new family line.

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