Images from 1917 Good Housekeeping

I have a bound edition of Good Housekeeping with January to July issues from 1917. I bought it because each issue features a layout of Rose O'Neill Kewpies. And also for the other great images of fashions and housewares of the day. Here are a few of the pretty images from the edition.
Oh look, there's me working in my garden . . . .

If only I was that cute in my garden. Would I looooooooove to find overalls from 1917.
Love the hat, the fur and the fancy little purse in the 2nd image.
Most of the drawings in the magazines are just black outlines. There are a few like the one below, that have pale peach coloring.

The lingerie and boudoir drawings are my favorites.

And this pretty lady was from an ad for Armstrong Linoleum flooring

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Lizzie said...

I'd like to have a pair of 1917 overalls too, but I'm not holding my breath! The only ones I've ever seen are in drawings like yours. I know there were sewing patterns too. Women in war-related factory jobs sometimes wore these on the job, but I'm just not sure how many women actually had the nerve to wear pants even in the privacy of their own garden!