Olympic 'Fashion' and Curling can be fun

I'm more of a Summer Olympics fan I guess. I like the gymnastics, swimming, diving, volleyball etc. But I have been catching some of the Winter Olympics and realize now that I've been missing some cool stuff. The skiing and snowboarding is scarey, which makes it good to watch. I saw that gal take that huge spill in the skiing. Ouch. I mean she really slammed down that hill. And she got up and competed the following night too.
One difference between the Summer and Winter Olympics  is the 'Fashion' - if you can call it that. Now, there's not much to say about Misty May and Kerri Walsh's 'uniforms' other than how they seem to get smaller with each Olympics. But Winter means the need for more fabric, which results in more interesting gear.
The snowboarding uniform is the most notable "I don't get it". I mean, I do get it, it's supposed to be Trendy, Hipster. OK. Big baggy fake jeans that seem to be fallling off of the boys while they compete. They're not as baggy on the girls, but still odd. Then they also wear these obnoxiously plaid tops. I love plaid, but this plaid is just obnoxious.

These guys almost make Curling look cool and fun. No, not really. Although the pants are cool. The only time Curling has looked fun was when the Beatles played it in Help.

"A Fiendish Thingy"

Lastly was this Czech Figure skater, who was wearing a vintage-like costume. I liked it and he was cute. Of course when you get up close (which you can't in this photo because it is so tiny) you can see that the stripes on the shirt are sequinned. I think it's a law that you must have sequins on your skating costume or else they knock off points.


leah said...

we watched womens curling today. i had to have my husband explain it to me. and did you know the granite discs come from one place in the world? and that granite supply will run out in 25-30 years.

i like those pants.

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