Things that annoyed me in 2009 . . . Goodbye!

Let's say a final 'Goodbye!' (hopefully) to some annoying people and trends from 2009.

*Goodbye Jon & Kate - I used to like watching the show, your kids are fun and adorable. But now I realize that you two are really screwed up, money hungry, attention whores. Poor kids. Save some of their money for the therapy that they'll need when they hit their teens. But you'll probably blow through their money as fast as Courtney Love blows through her kid's money. 

*Goodbye to another person who is obviously desperate for attention and in need of much therapy - Octo-Mom. I just don't know what to say about that wacko except for Poor kids.

*Goodbye to Angelina Jolie. Please already. Really tired of media speculations on pregnancies, break-ups and 'secrets' to their relationship. She was a wacko before she started collecting/making kids - and that kind of wacko doesn't just go away. And if they aren't getting any attention, she'll say or do something to get attention. That relationship will end very badly.

*Goodbye to all the media attention on Tiger Woods. I hope that his wife had a 'No Cheating' clause in their pre-nup so that she can get a big payout. I'm sure the payout will be big either way. I hope that we won't be subjected to interviews and media coverage of all the slags he's been with. Oh. Too late to hope for that.

*Goodbye to those Kardashians. Please. Goodbye. Go away. 2 of them were appearing in AC at the Borgata this Summer. I kept wondering what was the 'talent' they would be sharing with their audience and what type of knuckleheads were the audiance to go and pay to see them?
*Goodbye to phrases like 'Fashionista' and 'Recessionista' - they've been used enough over the past few years. I'm tired of hearing them. Also 'Vintage is Green' as a way to advertise vintage clothing (sorry to my fellow vintage clothing sellers) But I'm not going to buy something just because it's 'Green' - Not that I don't care about our Earth, but I just like vintage. You know, old school vintage.

*Goodbye to 'Va-jay-jay' - totally sick of hearing that phrase too. I mean, come on grow up. Why would you call your patootie a 'va-jay-jay'?

 * Goodbye to shows about Teenagers living like 40 year olds. Are people really interested in watching overdressed 12 year olds, whoring around with their overly dramatic lives? Although I do enjoy how they make fun of those shows on The Soup.

* Goodbye to Mad Men - ok, I do really like the show, even though I haven't seen the last 2 episodes yet. So I'm not saying goodbye to the show itself. I'm just tired of seeing Mad Men everywhere else. I'm tired of seeing every other thing on ebay and etsy described as being 'Mad Men Style' when most aren't even remotely Mad Men in any way. To clarify, I am for correct use of Mad Men as a keyword, and I love how Mad Men has given attention to vintage fashion. I'm just annoyed by the incorrect spammy usage of it.
Don Draper was voted the most influential man by some website. Jeez, what does that say about our society. I mean, he is super handsome and stuff, but he is a self-centered mess.

* Goodbye to Sarah Palin. I can't figure out if she's delusional or ignorant. Maybe she's both. She can't possibly think that all the media attention she gets means that people actually like her. They are making fun of you Sarah dear.

I could probably go on and on. I tend to do that sometimes. But I will stop my list here, and maybe come back with some more things as I remember how much they annoyed me this year.


Ally said...

I wish we could say goodbye to the things you've mentioned but I have a feeling they will creep into 2010. Sorry for my negativity.

Mary Kincaid said...

As a vintage clothing lover (and seller) for over a decade, you're going to buy and wear vintage regardless of the fact that it's green. But promoting vintage as green does open up the idea of wearing vintage to a whole new group of women who are trying to modify their lifestyles to be more environmentally friendly.

While I agree there is much "greenwashing" going on among businesses and lots of vintage sellers talking about how vintage is "green," I am proud to operate Zuburbia Green Vintage and provide a green shopping experience to vintage fashionistas.

My business tag line is Green Vintage not only because the clothes are "green", but because I operate my online shop with green business practices including offering eco-friendly laundering, free carbon offset shipping, minimal and recycled packaging, etc. I donate 1% of sales to environmental charities and 20% of fur and reptile product sales to charity. With each item ordered, I plant ten trees in Haiti, provide someone with clean drinking water for one year and provide lunch to four needy children.

I don't expect people to purchase from me "because" I operate this way but because they happen to find the perfect vintage item for them on my site. If they do, though, they can sure feel extra good about their purchase!

Meg said...

I don't think you get what she's saying. Or maybe you are just using the post as a chance to promote your own website.

joly said...
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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Hi Mary,
You're not the kind of vintage clothing seller that I am referring to. Your green is sincere. I question the sincerity of some sellers who use the 'green' angle to promote, just like I question the 'vintage' that they sell.

Lizzie said...

Thanks Carol; you saved me the trouble of writing this post!

I agree whole-hearted with them all, except maybe the Green Vintage thing. I do agree that it is over-used, and by many dealers who are just on the Green Bandwagon. My pet peeve is "green" crafting, especially when all new materials are used. Or even worse, the destroying of perfectly goos vintage items in the name of being green.

alison said...

Hello Carol - Happy New Year to you. Laughed heartily at your post but what on earth is a 'patootie'?!
Have just been listening to this and thought of you:
If the link doesn't work then go to and then click on the letter 'D' and then on Desert Island Discs and enjoy 45 minutes in the company of Mr Tennant.
Cheerio for now, A x

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Historically a 'Patootie' is a reference to a fanny, behind, ass, caboose etc. Like the old saying "You bet your sweet patootie" - But to me, I've always used it to reference something else!
Ahh, David Tennant! I wish I could see him on the link though! The seeing is what's good. Although I like his voice too.

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